forward-looking energy

With a vision to enable affordable access to ever cleaner, safer, and more economical energy, AREVA is building an industry that provides a tremendous boost to American energy infrastructure and the U.S. economy while creating thousands of jobs, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and ensuring energy security.

AREVA - Securing the next generation of energy solutions.

For AREVA, the story of energy is still being written...

A clean energy mix

For AREVA, writing the next chapter in the history of energy means guaranteeing customers a reliable, economical, carbon-free energy mix. One that meets the world's growing energy demands while protecting its environmental objectives.

Clean energy made in the USA

For AREVA, writing the next chapter in the history of energy means meeting America’s growing energy demands, while contributing to the local and national economies.

The AREVA at a glance

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AREVA in the United States

AREVA is the leading nuclear energy supplier in the United States and a growing player in the renewable energy business.

AREVA's U.S. Blog

Would you like to learn more about AREVA’s activities in the United States? Discuss climate change and other energy issues with us?