Why a new advertising campaign

AREVA will celebrate its 10th birthday in 2011. It is a young brand which has been able to make its mark in a sector dominated by traditional players, particularly with its deliberately relaxed communications.


Initially, AREVA favored an educational approach to draw attention to its expertise and highlight the coherence of its energy businesses.


Today, the brand has evolved its advertising message so that it is in complete alignment with its commitment to continuous improvement. With “Energy. One powerful story”, AREVA focuses on its offer, based on power generation solutions with few CO2 emissions, but also goes beyond that to show how it is making a contribution.

AREVA is helping to meet the energy challenges of the coming decades by offering solutions in nuclear power, bioenergies, wind energy and concentrating solar power.

The goal is for everyone to have access to ever cleaner, safer and more economical energy.

This film is a reflection of us because it allows us to raise a serious subject without taking ourselves seriously. It gives perspective to the story of energy itself but also to how the products and services of AREVA are part of that story, while setting a tone that is anything but dramatic.
Because this is a subject that should be talked about with enthusiasm and humility.

explains Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Senior VP of Communications and Spokesman for the AREVA group.

Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Director of Communications and Spokesman of the AREVA group
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