Energy: One powerful story

The story of energy is closely linked to that of mankind.

From Antiquity, boats powered by the wind explored the world. In the Middle Ages, watermills supported advances in manufacturing. A little later, coal was the basis of the first industrial revolution. In the 20th century, the discovery of oil revolutionized the economy, from transportation to chemistry. Today, new sources of energy are trying to bring a sustainable solution to mankind’s growing need for energy, with less CO2.

Great challenges revolve around energy

Energy accelerates development, but it is also the focus of debate with political, economic, scientific and technical ramifications. Because fossil fuels, which presently account for 80% of the world's energy mix, are energies that also pollute. And fossil resources are not inexhaustible. All this at a time when demand from the world's population is rising and environmental preservation is a concern for everyone. Energy has thus become a major societal issue. Against this backdrop, energies with limited CO2 emissions cannot be overlooked. The objective is two-sided: fighting global warming and meeting society’s demand for energy over the long-term.

That’s what AREVA’s corporate plan is all about: continuing to write the story of energy with less CO2 with greater safety and security and a heightened sense of ethics.

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AREVA is the leading nuclear energy supplier in the United States and a growing player in the renewable energy business.

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