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Uranium Mining

We primarily offer uranium concentrate extracted from our own mines. We deliver to the conversion plants selected by our customers.

AREVA offers uranium concentrate extracted primarily from its own mines

In Canada, AREVA Resources Canada, Inc. operates uranium projects in northern Saskatchewan – McClean Lake, Cluff Lake, Midwest Project – and is involved in joint ventures in northern Saskatchewan operated by Cameco Corporation – McArthur River Mine and Cigar Lake Project. AREVA Resources Canada also manages exploration programs in northern Saskatchewan, eastern Alberta and other locations in Canada.

In the United States, AREVA's mining subsidiaries have ceased production and are performing reclamation.

Our uranium concentrate supply is based on four principal advantages:

  • Increasing reserves. AREVA produced nearly 15% of the uranium extracted worldwide in 2008. Its mining reserves are estimated at more than 200,000 tons. This potential, added to its portfolio of mining operations and diversified mineral exploration, demonstrates AREVA’s capacity to supply customers both today and in the future.
  • Diversified sources. AREVA currently operates deposits located in Canada, Kazakhstan, and Niger. Future sources of uranium will prove even more diverse. Ore should also come from Namibia, Central African Republic, Mongolia, Jordan and South Africa.
  • Mastery and innovation of various ore extraction and recovery techniques. Thanks to our expertise, we are in a position to:
    • Design explotation projects adapted to the environment and respectful of the ecosystem.
    • Use any deposit in an economically efficient way, especially shallow, low-content deposits.
  • An unrivaled history of production and delivery.


  • A responsible partner: the sites are ISO 14001 and Ohsas 18001 certified.
  • A supply secured through the geographical diversity of our sources, mining techniques and types of deposits used.
  • Assurance for the future: our broad portfolio of projects is to ensure a long-term supply.
  • The capacity to work large, shallow deposits of low content in an economically viable way.



The group commits to the most stringent standards to reduce its ecological impact. It performed advanced environmental impact assessments. The rehabilitation of a mine is planned at the very beginning of the project and the restoration of the sites is carried out with the greatest adherence to environmental and radiological standards.

AREVA's integration into the local economy (investment projects, direct and indirect job creation, etc.) promotes sustainable development of the regions where the company is present.


AREVA is committed to creating health monitoring stations around its mining sites, past or present, especially in Africa. The objective is to perform both follow-up of former workers and a health watch on surrounding populations.

In order to guarantee their independence, these monitoring stations are placed under the aegis of national authorities, with the participation of independent scientific companies and non-governmental organizations.