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With AREVA's uranium enrichment capabilities, customers benefit from thirty years experience and all the advantages of centrifugation — the most efficient technology in the world.

AREVA offers uranium enrichment for its customers (delivered in the form of uranium hexafluoride - UF6) in an agreed amount between 2 and 5%, for ongoing tails assays.

AREVA uses the ETC* centrifugation process. This is the most efficient, energy-saving process in the world. It is now used in the new Georges-Besse 2 plant (at Tricastin, France). With a modular design, this facility can adapt its capacity to market demand.

* ETC: Enrichment Technology Company, a 50% subsidiary of AREVA - the world leader in ultracentrifugation technology.


These investments enable our customers to benefit:

  • From the group's thirty years of experience in enrichment
  • From the advantage of having the most modern technology in the world - centrifugation

We also offer storage in our facilities to any customers seeking to secure their enriched UF6 stock.


  • Performance, experience, modularity and flexibility — a reliable supplier: thanks to AREVA's proven delivery commitments, which have seen over 200 million SWU (Separative Work Units) produced over the past thirty years.
  • Optimal environmental performance: thanks to enrichment by centrifuge.
  • Continuous delivery assured: our Georges-Besse 2 centrifugation enrichment plant is now in service. It will reach full capacity in 2016. The current Eurodif (also located at the Tricastin site, in France) ensures the transition and guarantees our clients continuity of delivery.
  • Support to match developing requirements: thanks to the modular nature of our centrifuging facilities.
  • Optimized transformation stages: the geographical proximity of our conversion and fuel fabrication plants guarantee our customer with rapid response, high performance and safety.