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Steam Generator Solutions for Primary & Secondary Side

AREVA is the leading supplier of steam generator inspection and maintenance services in the U.S. Our large, permanent staff of maintenance technicians and leaders has successfully completed steam generator (SG) work on all primary and secondary activities at both Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) and Recirculating Steam Generator (RSG) plants.

Take control of your SG performance. As the industry continues to set record outages, AREVA’s responsive teams set the standard for efficiency, safety and reliability. Everything AREVA does must safely align with your goals and strategies. From the beginning of each SG task, the objectives are clear:

  • Reduce costs by optimizing the schedule
  • Minimize personnel dose and eliminate errors through automation of steam generator inspection and repair activities
  • Provide more options (critical path/non-criticalpath, primary/secondary side) to efficiently execute SG outage work
  • Customize services that exceed your expectations, while working closely with other vendors in the industry
  • Primary Side NDE

    From steam generator eddy current tube examinations (Ranger) to automation techniques and advanced technology, AREVA minimizes schedule, personnel, dose, and cost.

    • No exclusion zone roger for divider plate and staywell applications
    • Automated ECT inspection and analysis
    • Fully integrated with R/D tech and Zetec systems
    • Proven manipulator performance
    • Latest inspection technology and sludge lancing capabilities
    • Largest fleet of chemical cleaning equipment in the U.S.


    AREVA offers an innovative approach to steam generator non-destructive examination (NDE). RANGER performs various types of steam generator tube inspection and repair. The manipulator features an enhanced design that enables quick and easy installation, requiring only one person. Dose reduction? Less than 1/3 of the personnel exposure compared to earlier manipulators.

  • Secondary Side NDE

    Steam Generator Secondary Side NDE

    AREVA can give you a clear picture of the smallest spaces in your steam generator. And when you feel like you are up against a wall — we  can get you over it. Around it. Behind it. Below it.

    Our new remotely controlled robotic crawler leaves no critical area unexplored during a Secondary Side Inspection (SSI). The waterproof crawler enters the SG from a handhole and provides full access around the SG periphery region. Our design — unique to the industry — utilizes modular tracks allowing the crawler to traverse through the SG trough, along the shell, on top of the shroud and other locations. And an automated inner-bundle strip tool delivery system increases access in triangular-pitch SGs.

    Combined with our new 2.5mm CCD camera and remotely controlled by our VIEWS (Visual Inspection Enhanced Workflow System) software, our crawler can provide multiple views looking ahead, backwards, up, and to either side — all of which can be displayed simultaneously at the remote data control station. The result? You minimize personnel radiation exposure and get the complete picture of your inspection progress. Plus, our innovative data control system and crawler work together on positive tube identification through position tracking — so you know the crawler and tooling positions at all times, allowing flexibility during inspections and delivering unsurpassed quality.

    All of these features enable our new crawler to find and retrieve foreign materials within the smallest spaces of your SG. The magnetic retrieval tool I’ve enclosed can also help you maneuver into tight spaces to retrieve objects out of your reach. And AREVA can help keep your goals for steam generator inspections within reach. So take control of your SG inspections and trust AREVA to provide you with predictability, reliability and dependability for an accurate, unmistakable view of your plant’s performance. Our SSI team is ready to get the job done right.

  • Repair and Diagnostics

    Steam Generator Repair and Diagnostics

    AREVA Waterlancing
    • Repair and diagnostics provide plugs, stabilizers, sleeves, tube pull, plugging, plug removal, in situ pressure testing,manway/handhole closures, waterlancing/UBF, secondary side inspections (SSI/VIEWS/FOSAR) and specialty machining.
    • BOP heat exchanger services provide maintenance, inspection and repair technology for crucial BOP components.
    • Engineering offers chemistry services, chemistry optimization, sludge management & mitigation, material testing & failure analysis.
    • Integrity engineering spans condition monitoring and operational assessments, FAST-TRACK outage support (outage reporting of degradation status, in situ screening and CM preparation repair lists, ARC implementation), NRC phone call support/preparation, and NRC/NEI/EPRI guidelines implementation.
    • Analysis/Licensing support includes structural, accidents and performance analysis, plant uprates/licensing, plant systems.
    • Secondary side management solutions include diagnostic systems and instrumentation, monitoring systems, inspection and diagnosis, strategic asset planning and management and document preparation.
    • Secondary side SG solutions include mechanical and chemical sludge removal.