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AREVA Introduces Advanced BWR Fuel to U.S. Nuclear Power Industry

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January 13, 2009

January 13, 2009

AREVA is introducing its advanced ATRIUM™ 10XM boiling water reactor (BWR) fuel to the U.S. commercial nuclear power industry. The first U.S. lead test assemblies have been delivered and accepted by Exelon for operation beginning in early 2009 in the LaSalle Unit 2 reactor located about 75 miles southwest of Chicago. This initial group of eight assemblies is the first step toward realizing the goal of supplying ATRIUM 10XM reloads for U.S. BWRs beginning as early as 2011.

The ATRIUM 10XM fuel is the newest BWR fuel product manufactured by AREVA’s Richland, Wash. facility. The qualification, licensing and fabrication of the design for U.S. applications were realized through AREVA’s world-class testing facilities and global engineering, procurement and manufacturing resources.

Because of its increased fuel mass and superior critical power performance, the ATRIUM 10XM design delivers a significant fuel cycle cost advantage in 24-month cycles and extended power up-rate conditions while maintaining the proven reliability of the current ATRIUM 10 product line.

AREVA has demonstrated the superior performance of the ATRIUM 10XM fuel design features with the reliable, leak-free operation in more than 900 fuel assemblies in European reactors since 2002.

“Fuel performance and reduced fuel cycle cost are important to our customers in today’s highly competitive power market,” said Joe Zwetolitz, AREVA Senior Vice President for Fuel America. “Our entire ATRIUM™ fuel line has evolved from decades of research and development and operating experience to achieve the industry’s highest burn-up rates, top-ranked stability, fuel rod integrity, operating reliability and flexibility.”

AREVA’s reliable and economical fuel solutions have captured about a 40 percent market share worldwide, making AREVA the leading supplier of commercial nuclear fuel.


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