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AREVA Holds Fourth U.S. Supplier Day in Missouri

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March 31, 2011

March 31, 2011

AREVA held its fourth U.S. Supplier Day today in Jefferson City, Mo., to identify and certify new partner companies to help supply and build nuclear plants in the United States. Representatives from more than 100 companies attended the event. Event speakers included Missouri Senator Mike Kehoe from Jefferson City, Missouri Public Service Commission Chairman Kevin Gunn, and representatives from Ameren Missouri and AREVA.

Missourians for a Balanced Energy Future, whose membership includes all of the electricity providers in the state, partnered on the event. The group is endorsing legislation in support of an early site permit application for new nuclear power generation in Missouri. AREVA’s U.S. EPR™ technology is one of the choices under consideration. Building a nuclear facility requires many workers with specialized qualifications and a well-developed U.S. supply chain – AREVA and its partners are taking concrete steps now to ensure these are in place.

“While recent events in Japan may have raised questions about nuclear energy, we support consideration of new nuclear generation in Missouri as a safe and reliable baseload source of electricity,” said Mike Rencheck, Chief Operating Officer of AREVA Inc. “Investment in safe, reliable nuclear generation also would promote investment in the region and stabilize future electricity rates for Missouri residents,” he added.

The Supplier Day enables AREVA to begin the process of identifying and certifying new partner companies that could supply, service and build clean energy facilities in Missouri, the United States and internationally. AREVA plans to invest more than $3 billion in the U.S. energy infrastructure, such as the AREVA Newport News Facility in Virginia and Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility in Idaho, and has already begun creating new jobs, and is actively engaged in the construction of the U.S. Department of Energy MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility in South Carolina.

A new U.S. nuclear plant project would create up to 11,000 direct and indirect jobs during component manufacturing and plant construction. Additionally, it would create more than 400 permanent jobs and spur billions of dollars of investment into the regional economy. Such a project would require hundreds of qualified suppliers and subcontractors.


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