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CANBERRA Demonstrates Remote Radiation Measurement with Brokk

Press Release

March 20, 2009

March 20, 2009

CANBERRA Industries, Inc., teamed with Brokk Inc. to demonstrate state-of-the-art remote radiation measurement capabilities at the 2009 Waste Management Conference. CANBERRA’s Falcon 5000® was paired with the BROKK 90 Robot to demonstrate the latest techniques for safely achieving reliable nuclear measurements in hazardous environments.

CANBERRA’s Falcon 5000® provides the capability of performing germanium spectroscopy remotely using built in Wi-Fi® transmission capabilities. The demonstration showed that risk to workers can be minimized while still achieving comprehensive, cost effective radiation surveys when CANBERRA radiation detection instrumentation is deployed on Brokk remotely controlled machines.

“The Brokk machines provide an ideal platform for deploying CANBERRA instruments in hazardous environments. They are easy to control and operate and can provide the flexibility of operation needed for these applications.” said Bruce Gillespie of CANBERRA.

Brokk is the leading commercial provider of automated and remotely controlled electro-hydraulic machines designed to deploy a wide range of interchangeable tools and attachments.

CANBERRA, an AREVA subsidiary, is the world's leading supplier of Nuclear Measurement Solutions for Safety and Security. Visit http://www.canberra.com/.


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