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AREVA Launches the Chalon 1300 Plan

Press Release

April 02, 2009

April 2, 2009 

AREVA has unveiled plans to further increase its production capacity in Chalon/Saint-Marcel, Eastern France, to keep pace with its strong international growth.

Over the coming years, the group will be investing in the plant to bring its annual production to an average equivalent of 2.7 EPR™ reactors, up from around 1.7.

This gradual ramp-up will also create 200 new jobs, mainly in production activities, which will bring employee numbers to 1300. These recruitments will comply with AREVA’s commitments to diversity, local economic involvement and skills development.

Since it was first opened in 1973, more than 600 heavy components, including steam generators, pressurizers, reactor vessels and vessel heads, have left the plant’s production lines to be installed in new power plants and refit existing ones.

Investment has already been made to extend the plant’s facilities and support the constant adaptation of its production equipment and unstinting efforts in the fields of R&D and safety, all of which bear witness to the drive and potential of the plant.

AREVA CEO Anne Lauvergeon said, “Back in 2002, we decided to look outside our domestic market and concentrate Chalon/Saint-Marcel on producing components for the wider global market. Today the plant is a major platform running at full steam, and AREVA is spearheading the booming nuclear energy market. And we have been recruiting to keep pace with our success; last year, the group brought in more than 15,000 new hires, and our recruitment drive is set to continue.”


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