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Recruitment: AREVA is Launching its New Communications Campaign

Press Release

May 14, 2009

May 14, 2009

For the first time ever, AREVA is launching a new recruitment communications campaign simultaneously in six countries or regions throughout the world: in Germany, China, North America, France, India and the Middle East. The campaign has been designed to attract skilled candidates over the world and thus enable AREVA to recruit 12,000 people, mostly engineers and technicians in 2009.

AREVA aims to attract prime candidates inside and outside of France to meet both the company’s growth needs and the energy challenges of the future. That’s why the company is launching a groundbreaking communications campaign in Germany, China, North America, France, India and the Middle East today. The campaign heralds a strong pro-employment message in an economic climate in which many organizations are scaling back hiring.

In North America, AREVA plans to hire some 700 new employees this year, which would represent a 10 percent increase to its current work force on the continent. “We are aggressively recruiting top-notch employees in North America to support an ambitious expansion of our nuclear energy, renewables and electricity transmission and distribution businesses, which is now under way despite a difficult economic environment,” said Jacques Besnainou, President of AREVA Inc.

In just three years, AREVA has succeeded in becoming a top-of-mind employer in France (2nd most preferred company among young engineers graduating from the best schools). With this campaign, launched simultaneously in key regions, AREVA plans to fulfil the employment expectations of young engineers throughout the world. “Engineers who’ve recently graduated from the best schools are very similar regardless of their nationality,” explains Philippe Vivien, AREVA’s Senior Executive Vice-President Human Resources. They travel, visit “borderless” Web sites and usually speak fluent English in addition to their mother tongue. What’s more, they’re tuned into our efforts to establish a relationship with them no matter where they may be in the world.”

“We are a global company offering many employment opportunities for skilled engineers an technicians. That’s our message and we’re saying it loud and clear!” underscores Mr. Vivien.

“With this global campaign, we want to solidify our position as a top-of-mind employer and convince engineers the world over to join us.”

AREVA's employer image platform explains the challenges the world must face in the years to come. The platform invites every individual to play a part in resolving these issues. By deliberately utilizing, in the campaign, a tone and graphical standards eschewed by other large industrial companies during their recruitment drives, AREVA is affirming its status as an innovative 21st century group.

AREVA’s multi-regional campaign can be viewed in its entirety on www.employerbrand.areva.com, a site dedicated exclusively to the global launch of the campaign.


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