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AREVA pursues its development in India

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July 10, 2009

  • submits a bid for the construction of two EPR™ reactors
  • joins forces with Bharat Forge to build a forged parts manufacturing plant
  • signs an agreement with Tata for the supply of engineering services

July 10, 2009

On the eve of the visit of Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, to France, AREVA is taking stock of how its nuclear activities are developing.

Yesterday, AREVA submitted a bid to Indian utility NPCIL for the design and construction of two EPR™ reactors, each with an output in excess of 1,600 MW. The plants will be built on the Jaitapur site in the state of Maharastra and commissioning is scheduled for late 2017 and end of 2018. Within the scope of the site development plan, NPCIL expects Jaitapur to accommodate up to six units.

To move this ambitious program forward rapidly, AREVA has submitted an early works agreement to NPCIL to launch initial design and book the manufacturing capacities needed for the major components.

In parallel, AREVA is joining forces with a number of local companies:

  • The group has just entered into a strategic alliance with Bharat Forge by signing an agreement which lays down the main conditions of the joint-venture which is set to build a forged parts manufacturing plant in India. The agreement marks an important milestone as legal agreements can now be drafted, the industrial tool determined and a site acquired.
  • AREVA has finalized the terms of a framework agreement with the Indian engineering company TCE Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE), a subsidiary of the Tata Sons Limited. This agreement for the supply of engineering services will be signed shortly.

AREVA's bid for the construction of two EPR™ reactors and these various agreements confirm the group's desire to expand its activities in India, one of the world's most dynamic economies which needs to rapidly increase its production capacity to meet its ever-growing energy needs.



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