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Transmission and Distribution: AREVA’s Equipment Passes Independent High Seismic Tests

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July 27, 2009


550 kV disconnect switch successfully completes shake table trial

July 27, 2009 

AREVA’s Transmission & Distribution division, a leading provider of products, systems and services to the electric transmission and distribution industry, announced its 550 kV vertical break disconnect switch passed IEEE 693-2005 compliant high seismic shake table testing at independent SEEL-MCEER Labs in Buffalo, N.Y.

Disconnect switches provide electrical isolation for critical grid equipment. Seismic vulnerability is one of the most exposed elements of electric substations. In North America, replacement plans for aging infrastructure in utility substations and transmission systems are on the rise. Associated high-voltage equipment should be compliant with the latest IEEE 693-2005 standard, which outlines seismic qualification by shake table testing for equipment equal or greater than 169 kV.

The successful seismic testing of its 550 kV disconnect switch represents another step in AREVA’s high seismic certification program for the company’s high-voltage transmission electrical equipment.

“We will be the first to build these fully seismically-compliant products and provide both ceramic and composite solutions. Due to aging infrastructure and network investments planned in North America, we expect a significant number of disconnect switches to be added or replaced on respective 500 kV networks in the next few years,” said Bernard Soule, AREVA T&D North America Disconnect Switch Project Leader.


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