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AREVA Chemistry and Materials Center Opens Its Doors in Lynchburg

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August 04, 2009

 August 4, 2009 

Today AREVA celebrated the opening of a new $6.5 million Chemistry and Materials Center (CMC) in Campbell County.

This 8,000 square-foot, two-story building at the company’s Mount Athos Road facility will house several laboratories and provide a key service to AREVA customers in their ongoing efforts to reduce corrosion damage to plant components and fuel.

“AREVA is committed to supporting the existing fleet of nuclear power plants to help utilities provide safe, clean and efficient electricity to Americans,” said AREVA NP Inc. CEO Michael Rencheck. “Our new Chemistry and Materials Center will increase efficiency at current plants helping utilities control costs that are eventually passed on to the consumer.”

The CMC will provide general and specialized chemistry, corrosion and metallurgical testing and analysis support for operating nuclear power plants. Additionally, the CMC will support the U.S. EPR™ design development and deployment.

“Campbell County is excited and pleased with the grand opening of the Chemistry and Materials Center at the Mt. Athos AREVA facility in Campbell County,” said R. David Laurrell, Campbell County Administrator. “The CMC is another example of how AREVA continues to provide for excellence in customer service.”

The CMC is good news for the Central Virginia region as well as AREVA’s customers.

"This new facility further strengthens AREVA's role as the world leader in nuclear power technology and our region's identity as a hotbed for nuclear energy innovation," said Bryan David, executive director of Virginia's Region 2000 Economic Development Council. "AREVA, with its growing, high-skilled base of employees, is doing the right things to help our region provide a supportive environment for business and knowledge creation."


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