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AREVA TA wins a contract to design a low and medium level waste disposal center in Lithuania

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October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009

Following an international tendering process, the team of companies headed up by AREVA TA was awarded a contract to design a near surface repository for low and medium level waste on the Ignalina nuclear power plant site in Lithuania.

The project, funded primarily by the EBRD, includes the design studies for the repository and on-site support during construction. The repository will receive low and medium level operational waste recovered from the dismantling of the Lithuanian power plant.

As part of AREVA's Reactors and Services division, AREVA TA has extensive experience in the design of such facilities for radioactive waste, or in providing support to projects for their design and construction.

Other team members include the French national radioactive waste management agency ANDRA, which will provide its expertise in this field, the Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI), which brings experience in safety an environmental assessment, and knowledge on national regulations, the company Specialus Montazas-NTP (SM-NTP), which contributes skills in geology, civil engineering, seismic design and mechanical design, and the company Pramprojektas (PP), which brings infrastructure know-how.

“It is important for us to participate in a project of this kind alongside ANDRA and our Lithuanian partners”, announces Yves Lapierre, Chief Executive Officer of AREVA TA. “Bringing all of these skills to bear on this type of facility confirms the relevance of the industrial solutions we have been offering our customers for more than thirty-five years, solutions which go hand-in-hand with the safety and environmental protection requirements.”


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