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Offshore Wind Power - North America

Erection of AREVA offshore wind turbines, Alpha-Ventus Project, North Sea.

At this early stage in the U.S. offshore wind market, not a single turbine is in place to capture some of what the Department of Energy estimates is 4,000 gigawatts of offshore wind power. To help tap this potential, AREVA is bringing its proven offshore wind experience in the German North Sea to build an industry in North America.

  • AREVA Wind

    Built for the Sea. Made for the Wind.

    In North America, our AREVA Wind business is focused on helping establish the offshore wind industry through partnering with developers, policymakers and community leaders in realizing the benefits of offshore wind energy.

    AREVA’s 5 megawatt (MW) offshore wind turbine, one of the largest in operation today, is efficient, reliable and powerful, and specifically designed for large-scale offshore wind parks.

    Although there are currently no offshore wind turbines in North America waters, AREVA is well-positioned to be selected to supply the first installations beginning in 2015.

    In Europe, AREVA has been selected to supply more than 600 MW in offshore wind turbines for multiple projects, with 800 MW more under discussion, AREVA’s proven project experience ensures successful project completion.

    With its 5 MW power potential, each M5000 offshore wind turbine can produce enough electricity to power 5,000 homes.

  • Turbines

    M5000 Turbine

    AREVA designs, manufactures, assembles and commissions 5MW high-output turbines for offshore power generation. The M5000 turbine represents leading-edge offshore wind technology with a light-weight, hybrid drivetrain solution that is foundation technology-neutral.

    The M5000’s specialized, wear-resistant construction is specifically designed for use in the harsh sea conditions. Low maintenance and high technical availability are ensured by optimum protection against corrosive sea air and the components’ minimum-wear design.

    AREVA designs, manufactures, assembles and commissions 5MW high-output turbines for offshore power generation. Our cost-effective design with the lowest weight 5MW turbine allows optimum tower and foundation structures and logistics. Corrosion prevention through a patented air treatment system ensures that the generator is protected from harsh sea conditions.

  • Projects


    In North America, our market entry strategy is not to merely sell our turbines into the market. AREVA intends on establishing a large industrial footprint in North America. We plan to build a strategically located assembly plant to support project installation, similar to our facility in Bremerhaven, Germany, and capable of annually producing, installing and commissioning 100 offshore wind turbines and blades.

    AREVA’s stated commitment to domestic supply chain development will create economic catalysts in regions deploying offshore wind, and also reduce the cost of our turbine, the AREVA M5000.

    This state-of-the-art 5 MW offshore wind turbine was first installed 28 miles off Borkum island, Germany, in the Alpha Ventus wind farm, Germany’s first offshore wind park.

    Subsequently, the M5000 was chosen for Germany’s first utility-scale offshore wind project – Global Tech 1, consisting of 80 units (400 MW). In December 2010, the AREVA M5000 was selected by Trianel GmbH (a consortium of German regional utilities and communities) for the Borkum West II project consisting of 40 units (200 MW). Both projects will be installed in 2012/2013, and commissioning is scheduled for 2013.

  • Operations & Maintenance

    Operation & Maintenance

    Reliability, the decisive factor for the operation of offshore wind energy converters, is an integral element of the AREVA concept. The low rotational speed-level and the small number of rotating parts and roller bearings reduce the risk of damage in the drivetrain to a minimum.

    Since their installation in 2009, AREVA’s turbines in the Alpha-Ventus wind farm have operated at highly successful 97% technical availability.

    During operation, more than 1,240 sensors constantly monitor the blades, drive train and main sub-systems.

    The special offshore turbine design---including condition monitoring, automatic lubrication system, failure detection and system redundancies for enhanced reliability---means that 86% of maintenance needs are handled online without visiting the turbine.

    Permanent protection of the turbine’s technology from the corrosive sea environment is the basic precondition for a long operational life. Therefore, the AREVA M5000’s nacelle and hub are hermetically encapsulated against the ambient air. A unique air treatment system filters and maintains a positive internal air pressure to ensure corrosive salt and humidity cannot enter the turbine’s interior.

  • Installation


    The M5000 is the first wind energy converter that has been exclusively designed for installation in large offshore wind farms.

    In developing the AREVA M5000, the greatest importance was attached to the low weight of nacelle and rotor. This simplifies transport considerably and allows a safe and fast installation, especially since the nacelle is lifted and placed as one complete unit on top of the tower. Moreover, the low nacelle weight enables the use of cost-effective foundation structures. Since the M5000 turbine is foundation agnostic, we can adapt to the needs of our customer on a project-by-project basis.

    With AREVA’s proven experience in offshore turbine installations, we can provide the full range of project activities, including complete EPC scope of delivery, efficient installation, and optimized pre-, cold- and hot-commissioning.

    As a result of AREVA’s continuous development process, our turbine design and installation solutions achieve the higher standards required by the unique challenges of offshore wind turbine installation.