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AREVA Announces New U.S. Organizational Structure to Offer More Integrated CO2-Free Energy Solutions

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December 07, 2009

December 7, 2009 

AREVA announced today a new organizational structure for its U.S. operations as part of its effort to provide customers with more integrated solutions for CO2-free power generation.

The new organization is part of a worldwide effort to consolidate AREVA's operations into a single entity. The withdrawal of Siemens as a stakeholder of AREVA NP has provided AREVA with the opportunity to develop a new structure based on six business groups that better meets our customers' requirements.

This new integrated AREVA U.S. organization will be led by Jacques Besnainou who will serve as Chief Executive Officer and Mike Rencheck who will serve as Chief Operating Officer. Besnainou and Rencheck will also serve as heads of two key U.S. business groups until new leaders are named.

The new AREVA U.S. business groups will be led by the following:

  • Mining: Vincent Martin
  • Front End: Jacques Besnainou
  • Reactors & Services: Mike Rencheck
  • Back End: Alan Hanson
  • Renewable Energies: Jean-Paul Crouzoulon
  • Transmission & Distribution: Ruben Lazo

AREVA's Front End division includes enrichment, chemistry and fuel fabrication. The Back End division includes recycling, transportation and used fuel management. The Reactors & Services division is responsible for the development of the U.S. EPRTM reactor as well as products and services for the maintenance of existing reactors. All appointments are effective January 1, 2010.

"I am extremely pleased to announce these key members of our team so that AREVA can provide our American customers with a better integrated range of clean energy solutions that can improve energy efficiency, increase energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions," Besnainou said.



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