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Full Range of AREVA CO2-Free Energy Solutions on Display at Power-Gen 2009

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December 08, 2009

December 8, 2009

AREVA is exhibiting for the first time ever its full range of solutions for CO2-free energy generation at the Power-Gen International 2009 conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center December 8-10.

The AREVA display (at Booth C2-525) will highlight the portfolio of clean energy products and services, including its flagship EPRTM reactor, renewable generation technologies, and smart grid solutions.

"AREVA is much more than the world leader in nuclear energy. We also offer other innovative clean energy solutions, including biomass, hydrogen and offshore wind, as well as technologies to help use them more effectively. What AREVA also is demonstrating at Power-Gen 2009 is a more integrated and broader range of product offerings for clean energy generation," said Jacques Besnainou, CEO of AREVA Inc.

AREVA is presenting its innovative projects and technologies at Power-Gen, including its EPRTM projects under construction internationally and under development in the United States. It also is highlighting its renewables businesses, such as its ADAGE joint venture with Duke Energy to develop new U.S. biopower facilities.

In addition, AREVA is showing how it can make generating sources, including renewables, more reliable and efficient using dedicated transmission and distribution (T&D) equipment and smart grid applications.

"Our experience developing smart grid tools and processes will help us incorporate a greater amount of renewable generation in the years to come. These tools, along with our proven T&D equipment, can make utilities' existing generation portfolios more efficient," said Michael Atkinson, Managing Director of AREVA T&D's Automation Business in the Americas and China.

Power-Gen 2009 is a leading conference for the international energy industry with more 18,000 attendees expected to join the three-day session. For more information, visit: https://poseidon.arevagroup.com/http/www.power-gen.com.



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