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AREVA Technology Earns Recognition from Nuclear Energy Institute

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May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011 

For the second year, an AREVA customer using our advanced technology has been nationally recognized by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) at the annual Top Industry Practice (TIP) Award program held at the 2011 Nuclear Energy Assembly in Washington, D.C. This year, NEI recognized AREVA’s XEDOR™ fuel analysis technology that was successfully implemented by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) employees at Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Plant in Alabama.

XEDOR™ is a new technology ensuring fuel reliability and preventing fuel rod anomalies, a goal set by the industry and AREVA five years ago to have zero fuel anomalies by 2010, while simultaneously providing increased safety oversight and efficiencies for reactor operation.

AREVA has developed XEDOR™ to improve safety performance by monitoring real-time Pellet-Clad Interaction (PCI) management within boiling water reactors (BWRs). Over the life of the fuel, contact between the fuel pellets and cladding is inevitable and must be carefully managed to limit stress level in the fuel rod cladding. The tool performs real-time, on-line stress calculations for every six-inch fuel rod segment of every fuel rod in the reactor core. It is the first method that can continuously update calculations to show safety margins and prevent any potential cladding damage thresholds, thus providing operators with the data needed to enhance safety and ensure satisfactory fuel integrity margin.

NEI is the nuclear industry’s policy organization, and the TIP awards recognize industry employees in 14 categories. Additionally, the “Best of the Best Award” is given to an overall winner in honor of the late B. Ralph Sylvia, an industry leader who was instrumental in starting the program in 1993.

By winning the 2011 TIP Award, XEDOR™ technology is recognized as the best-in-class technical innovation and solution for fuel reliability and certainly is a major asset for up-grading fuel quality level on the global BWR market.

"It is the teamwork of our customers and our employees that make these breakthrough innovations possible. We are proud to be involved with these fine organizations and to be part of the industry awards selection process," said AREVA Inc. Chief Operating Officer Mike Rencheck. "We thank all the people of AREVA for being able to accomplish these tasks with our customers."


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