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AREVA Demonstrates Ultrasonic Drilling Technology with EWI, DOE and the Nuclear Fabrication Consortium

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June 17, 2011

June 17, 2011 

AREVA joined co-sponsors – EWI, the Nuclear Fabrication Consortium (NFC) and the Department of Energy (DOE) – to demonstrate an innovative machining technology at AREVA’s Technical Training Center in Lynchburg, Virginia, on June 9. The DOE funded the demonstration which was attended by a large national audience.

AREVA and EWI have been working together for the last 18 months to further develop an ultrasonic drilling application. The three greatest advantages to the machining industry at large, and in particular the nuclear industry, include the following:

• Faster drilling – drilling times can be reduced by 50%.

• Extended tool life – a 300% improvement in tool life was observed using ultrasonic machining on Alloy 600 material.

• Reduction or elimination of coolants – the ultrasonic process reduces friction, thereby lowering or eliminating the use of drill bit coolant which reduces costs and environmental concerns.

“This type of breakthrough in machining technology hasn’t been seen in 40 years,” said AREVA, Inc. Chief Operating Officer Michael Rencheck. “AREVA is advancing technology around the world and this new ultrasonic technology will make us even more efficient for our customers.”


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