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Installation Completed for First AREVA Comprehensive Safety-Related Digital I&C System in the U.S.

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July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011

AREVA announces the successful installation of the first comprehensive application of a safety-related Digital Instrumentation & Control (I&C) Reactor Protection System in the United States.

Installation of AREVA’s TELEPERM® XS enables state-of-the-art digital processing of functions for the Reactor Protection System (RPS) and Engineered Safeguards Protection System (ESPS). The RPS monitors critical operating parameters and initiates an automatic reactor shutdown when conditions are sensed. The ESPS monitors inputs that would indicate the occurrence of process events and initiates engineered safety features, such as containment isolation or emergency core cooling, to ensure plant safety.

“The completion of this project is a significant milestone for our customer and the nuclear industry as it brings next-generation technology making existing U.S. plants even safer,” said Mike Rencheck, chief operating officer, AREVA Inc. “AREVA has proven itself as the worldwide industry leader in the development and implementation of digital I&C systems in nuclear facilities supporting both the installed base of nuclear power plants as well as plants currently being constructed and licensed.”

In addition to the RPS and ESPS design functions, TELEPERM® XS offers significant reliability improvements with respect to online monitoring and diagnostics capabilities compared to the currently installed analog systems.

TELEPERM® XS technology will improve overall plant reliability and performance by delivering:

  • Advanced operator interfaces and controls
  • Advanced digital technology to address old analog system obsolescence
  • Enhanced levels of system redundancy
  • Modern manufacturing quality that meets latest standards
  • Self-monitoring to ensure system health and proper operation
  • Independent and isolated, redundant subsystems through use of fiber-optic cables
  • Advanced system protection through Intelligent signal status processing which prevents fault propagation

AREVA is the world leader in digital I&C, with safety-related digital I&C systems installed in reactors in Europe, China and Russia over the past decade. The TELEPERM® XS platform has been installed, or is on order, at 69 units at 40 separate sites in 14 countries, and in reactors by 10 different suppliers. Last year, AREVA became the first and only supplier to receive NRC approval for full application of a safety-related digital I&C system.


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