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AREVA Major Contractor in TVA’s Bellefonte 1 Nuclear Plant Completion

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September 15, 2011

Chattanooga, Tenn., Sept. 15, 2011 – AREVA, a leading supplier of nuclear and renewable energy solutions in the United States, will serve as a key member of the team of contract partners helping the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) complete the partially finished Bellefonte 1 nuclear power plant in northern Alabama.

As the owner of the reactor design, AREVA’s scope includes engineering, construction and component-replacement work on the plant’s nuclear systems as well as fuel design and fabrication. AREVA also will supply a state-of-the-art digital reactor Instrumentation & Control (I&C) system, a completely modernized control room, and a plant simulator for training operations personnel. AREVA’s TELEPERM® XS is the only digital I&C system licensed by the NRC and installed in a U.S. nuclear plant.

“AREVA is honored to support TVA as it completes its Bellefonte 1 nuclear plant incorporating advanced safety features,” said Luc Oursel, CEO of AREVA. “AREVA has a longstanding relationship with TVA and looks forward to continuing success with this project to help safely provide clean and low-cost power for TVA’s customers.” 

“We suspended Bellefonte construction due to slower than expected demand growth years ago,” said TVA chief operating officer Bill McCollum. “Following the TVA Board vote last month to complete Bellefonte 1, it is now scheduled for completion in the 2020 timeframe. This project will create thousands of jobs and spur significant regional investment. When complete, the plant will produce safe and reliable electricity for the Tennessee Valley Authority.”

When complete, the 1,260 megawatt pressurized water reactor will be one of the nation’s most modern nuclear plants and would produce enough low-emission electricity to supply approximately 750,000 households.

Many of AREVA’s 5,000 American employees will work on the Bellefonte completion project either at the plant site in Alabama or at the company’s other locations in the United States. AREVA recently opened an office in Chattanooga, Tenn., that will support this and other regional projects. AREVA subsidiary CANBERRA Industries has also announced plans to double the number of employees at its Oak Ridge, Tenn., facility.


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