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AREVA to Manufacture 32 Steam Generators for EDF

Press Release

September 28, 2011

Paris, Sept. 28, 2011

Following its international call for bids launched in 2010, EDF today selected AREVA to supply 32 of the 44 steam generators to be installed in France’s 1300 MW power plants. The future order will be worth around 1.1 billion euros.
This decision confirms AREVA’s position as a reference supplier for the world’s leading nuclear power company.

According to the schedule drawn up by EDF, 16 steam generators are to be delivered in July 2016, eight in January 2017 and a further eight in January 2018. AREVA has already secured the necessary supplies and manufacturing capability at its Chalon Saint Marcel and Le Creusot plants.

Reacting to the announcement, Luc Oursel, CEO of AREVA, declared, “AREVA put its best efforts into meeting EDF’s requirements. I am delighted with this exceptional order which testifies to EDF’s confidence in our ability to honor our commitments in a particularly short space of time. This decision from our long-standing customer and partner recognizes in our view the quality of our offer which is built first and foremost on France’s industrial excellence.”


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