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A Significant Player in the Canadian Energy Market

AREVA’s operations in Canada include uranium mining, nuclear services and nuclear measurement equipment. AREVA employees in several locations across the Provinces and Nunavut work to provide sustainable natural resource development and the development of clean power generation, including nuclear energy and renewables.

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AREVA Canada

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AREVA Canada Home


AREVA Canada operates in both Pickering (Head Office) and Kincardine, Ontario with a strong site presence at every Canadian nuclear site. The Pickering and Kincardine locations focus on Engineering, Services and Staffing for the nuclear sector. AREVA Canada has the global resources to provide solutions for Severe Accident Management, enhancing plant reliability while optimizing outage schedules.

AREVA Resources Canada Inc. specializes in the exploration and mining of Canadian uranium deposits. The company acts as principal operator and partner. It has also successfully headed up the first second generation mine decommissioning procedure following reserve depletion and is now monitoring the reclaimed site.

AREVA is also the operator at the McClean Lake site. The group is also a partner in the McArthur River and Cigar Lake mines and the Key Lake Mill. These two deposits, exceptional due to their tonnage and the high content of their reserves, are currently considered the largest high-grade deposits in the world.

Canberra, the nuclear measurement subsidiary of AREVA, provides measurement solutions for internal safety, fuel monitoring and nuclear power plants. The company designs and manufactures radiation measuring equipment in Concord, Ontario.

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AREVA Resources Canada

AREVA Resources

AREVA Resources Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of the AREVA group, is one of the world’s leading uranium exploration, mining, and milling companies.

AREVA Resources Canada is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. With operations across Canada, AREVA Resources plays an important role in providing energy to the world.


CANBERRA Canada, located in Concord, Ontario (founded in 1968 and formerly known as Aptec) is a world leader in alpha/beta/gamma portal and whole body surface contamination monitoring.

OPG Darlington and Pickering Nuclear Power as well as Bruce Power Nuclear Power have an assortment of many hundreds of CANBERRA  portals, hand and foot, and whole body alpha/beta/gamma contamination monitors manufactured in Canada, going back to 1977 when we first began manufacturing these products.

The MiniSentry portable portal monitor was recently designed and has been deployed not only in Canada, but throughout the world for portable portal gamma ray detection.

The CANBERRA Concord facility is certified to ISO 9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999. All products are CSA/ESA certified and CE qualified for export to the European market, and we adhere to the CSA-Z299.3 quality standard.

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AREVA Canada’s Engineering group provides design, construction and commissioning, inspection and project management services.

Our engineering resources offer unmatched expertise, with hundreds of engineers at your fingertips around the world. We offer expertise in equipment reliability. ASME code interpretation, licensing, fire protection, life cycle asset management, power system analysis, commercial grade dedication and numerous other fields.  And we align our goals and objectives with those of our clients.  Our innovative solutions are a direct result of our heritage—combining owner, operator and supplier expertise in integrated delivery packages.  AREVA Canada can fully integrate projects including engineering, components and installation, reduction your total project cost.  With market leadership and global resources, AREVA Canada delivers integrated engineering solutions to safely improve your plant’s performance.

Electrical Systems

Our Electrical Systems team delivers the combined offering of proven engineering services and solid electrical products through precisely executed project. We provide and service the complete range of solutions needed for power distribution, and instrumentation and control systems.

Product Lines:

  • Electrical Design and Analysis
  • Electrical Products
  • Safety and Risk Services

Engineering Programs

Through our Engineering programs, we provide products and services that specifically address key plant-wide programmatic and regulatory issues.  With more than 40 years of pressurized and boiling water reactor plant experience, AREVA has compiled an unparalleled nuclear reliability knowledge base and is committed to keeping our customers safely online.

Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Operating Plant Engineering has more than 40 years of plant design and modification experience with a spectrum of different nuclear plant designs. Along with major plant modifications, our large projects include design studies and assessments, evaluation and analysis of components and ancillary systems, design basis enhancements and plant power uprate engineering.

Product Lines:

  • Civil Design Engineering
  • Mechanical Equipments
  • PWR Sump Blockage
  • Resolution
  • Structural and Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Systems Engineering

Nuclear Steam Supply Systems

We are a full-service provider of NSSS engineering services, including reload fuel analysis, safety analysis, evaluations and analysis of NSSS components and ancillary systems, design change packages for NSSS modifications, and evaluations of plant design bases and accident analysis. We also maintain a suite of computer codes, methods and models approved by the NRC for safety analysis, fluence analysis and structural analysis on PWRs and BWRs.

Product Lines:

  • Nuclear Analysis
  • Nuclear Evaluations
  • Plant Modifications
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Installed Base

Installed Base

AREVA’s businesses help meet the 21st century’s greatest challenges: making energy available to all, protecting the planet, and acting responsibly towards future generations.

The Installed Base Business Unit offers services that enable utilities to improve power plant availability and productivity while reducing costs and maintaining a high level of safety.

Our services include inspection, maintenance, component repair and replacement, engineering, and upgrades for CANDU plants worldwide.

AREVA offers the world’s most complete range of service expertise for CANDU, Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR), Boiling Water Reactors (BWR), and WER type reactors.

In addition to our experts in Canada, AREVA Canada has access to an additional 3,700 specialists worldwide, based in France, the United States, and Germany.

We have an international technical centre for non-destructive inspections called NETEC. We also operate process development and qualification centres, operator training centres, and hot workshops for off-site maintenance in the United States and Europe.

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New Builds

Nuclear Build

The range of reactors offered by AREVA meets all client needs, from the introduction to nuclear power to the industrial production of competitive and clean electricity.

AREVA offers a portfolio of three reactors models intended for use in nuclear power plants: EPR™, ATMEA1™ and KERENA™.  These are latest generation (III+) pressurized and boiling water reactors.  They allow electricity providers to achieve their competitiveness, safety and power generation capacity objectives.  The power range of these reactors is 1,100MWe to +1,650 MWe.

A response to new demands

The current range of reactors provide a combination of power levels-from 1100 to more than 1650 MWe—and technological approaches customized to each requirement.

All of our reactors meet or exceed the latest industry safety requirements:

  • Safety: Resistance to plane crashes
  • Competitiveness: Reduction of fuel consumption and best-in-class environmental performance, and 92% availability
  • Flexibility: Fast load follow to optimize the response to electricity demand
  • The group’s future project in the field of Research and Development will lead to even better safety, business performance and preservation of natural resources.

Current Opportunities

AREVA Staffing Solutions accepts resumes for future opportunities.

About AREVA Staffing Solutions

AREVA Staffing Solutions provides staff augmentation to all sectors in the Canadian Energy Industry. We complete all aspects of the recruitment process from sourcing, screening and evaluating candidates, to presenting the best suited and qualified candidates for the position and the organization. AREVA Staffing Solutions helps you manage labour costs by assuming responsibility for WSIB coverage and reporting.

Your need to hire foreign experts can be streamlined as well. We offer Work Permit applications, CRA Taxation compliance and US payroll processing. 

AREVA Staffing Solutions recruits candidates well in advance of placements and our team is fully dedicated to your staffing needs. 

Core Service Options
-Contract Staffing
Contract staffing allows organizations to find skilled talent quickly, without the hassles of recruitment, interviewing, administration, and payroll. It is the best way to augment your labour force in times of need such as special/short-duration projects, replacements/absences, peak times, etc. Contract positions can last one day, one month, one year, or indefinitely. AREVA Staffing Solutions can accommodate every kind of contract – from Corporate Referrals to Managed Tasks.

-Permanent Placement
Permanent placement is the sourcing and referral of qualified candidates to fill a client’s full time requirement. We recruit and pre-screen applicants, working closely with your organization to schedule interviews, and coordinate the necessary follow-up as a part of our commitment to help find the best suited and qualified candidates for the position.

Our History Serving the Canadian Nuclear Industry
The staffing division has been in operation since the early 1980s. Today, the group is known as AREVA Staffing Solutions and has placed hundreds of skilled candidates with successful organizations. Throughout our history we have continued to build a large database of qualified candidates for future placement opportunities.

With two locations in Ontario, one in Pickering serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the other in Kincardine serving Mid-Western Ontario, our team is ready to meet your needs. Over the years, AREVA Staffing Solutions has placed skilled people in a wide variety of disciplines including: Engineering, Skilled Trades, Management/Professional, and Technical.

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Clean Energy Park

Energy Growth in Canada

The energy challenges currently facing Canada will require a sustainable long-term approach.  Some regions could see the advancement of both clean energy sources and long-term economic growth by perusing the development of a Clean Energy Park.  This concept that marries both nuclear and renewable energy is under consideration in New Brunswick.

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A world leader in nuclear energy, AREVA is resolutely committed to the development of CO2-free energy production.  It is a matter of responsibility to the planet’s essential requirements in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions while providing energy to the largest number of people. AREVA is developing a portfolio of activities based on four renewable energies: wind energy, bioenergy, solar power, and hydrogen power, as well as energy storage.

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