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Transnuclear Inc. --- NUHOMS University upgrades one-of-a-kind used fuel storage training facility, graduates first class

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March 20, 2012

BETHESDA, Md., March 20, 2012 – Transnuclear Inc., an AREVA company, is pleased to announce its first graduates trained at the newly upgraded NUHOMS® University training center, the first used-fuel storage training facility in the United States to use full-scale, working casks and trailers for training purposes.

The NUHOMS® University (NU) training center, located in Aiken, SC, began classroom training courses in 2008 to qualify utility, contractor and other field services personnel to operate the new AREVA Automated Welding System.

In February 2012, AREVA completed construction of a full-scale dry cask mock up facility, allowing trainees to qualify to safely use the dry storage industrial equipment prior to site work. NU graduated its first class using the full-scale casks and trailers on March 16.
“NU was created to respond to utility expectations on human performance in all aspects of nuclear plant operations,” explains Mike Williams, Director of TN’s Field Services and Operations group. “NU is a comprehensive, systematic approach to training modeled on INPO’s industry standard. We are qualifying members of our pool-to-pad teams to load NUHOMS® systems in a safety-conscious work environment.”

Combining theory and practice, the five-week basic training course is taught by industry experts with credentials in licensed reactor operations and INPO certified training. In classroom modules, students learn about the NUHOMS® system, including the Dry Shielded Canister (DSC) and Horizontal Storage Module (HSM); regulatory and licensing basis; operation of the loading equipment and implementation of the loading sequence; human performance techniques; and error prevention tools.

In workshops that simulate the NUHOMS® loading sequence, students are qualified to use equipment for DSC vacuum drying, helium backfill and welding. In addition, they receive hands-on training on transfer trailer operations and DSC insertion into and out of the HSM.

At the end of the course, students earn certification necessary to ensure proficiency with both NUHOMS® and safety culture principles.

Transnuclear, Inc. provides services for the nuclear fuel cycle including transportation, storage, and handling of used nuclear fuel, radioactive waste, and other radioactive materials. As a wholly owned subsidiary of AREVA NC and a part of the AREVA Group, the world leader in nuclear technology, Transnuclear offers the industry an unsurpassed level of experience and cost effective solutions.


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