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Transnuclear Inc. Announces Organizational Changes

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April 05, 2012

BETHESDA, Md., April 5, 2012 – Transnuclear Inc. (TN), an AREVA company that delivers safe, worry-free, and cost-effective total system solutions for the transportation and storage of radioactive materials to utility customers, announces an internal re-organization along with personnel changes.

“TN will now be organized along individual business lines in order to drive strong accountability and to more effectively meet our customer needs and expectations,” said Michael McMahon, CEO of TN.

The following three business lines will align with customers’ needs:

  • Front-End (FE) Business Line: Provides transportation, packaging, and other logistical services for materials in the front-end of the nuclear fuel cycle and for research reactor materials.
  • Reactors and Services (R&S) Business Line: Provides nuclear facility operators pool-to-pad services, Horizontal Storage Module (HSM) on-site fabrication / assembly, wet fuel storage racks and related services for the storage and transfer of Used Nuclear Fuel (UNF) and radioactive materials in support of on-site operations.
  • Back-End (BE) Business Line: Provides design, licensing, subcontracted fabrication, and delivery of equipment necessary to furnish UNF dry storage solutions. The BE Business Line is also responsible for transportation of radioactive material for the back end of the fuel cycle.

The Business Lines are supported by five transverse organizations aligned under Operations Support. These transverse organizations are: Design Engineering, Fabrication Control, Fleet Asset Management, Field Services & Operations, and Transportation.

In order to support this new organizational structure, the following personnel changes are also announced:

  • Jeff Hays has been named Vice President, Back-End Business Line reporting to the President & COO.
  • Bill Tench has been named Manager, Reactors & Services Business Line reporting to the President & COO.
  • Clark Vanderniet has been named Director, Regulatory Affairs reporting to the President & COO.  
  • Stuart Horowitz has been named Director, Fabrication Control reporting to the Vice President, Operations Support.
  • Mike Valenzano has been named Director, Transportation reporting to the Vice President, Operations Support.
  • Prakash Narayanan has been named Deputy Director, Design Engineering reporting to the Director, Design Engineering.
  • Philippe Pham has been named Nuclear Analysis Manager reporting the Director, Design Engineering.
  • Jay Morales has been named Casks and Transfer Equipment Supervisor, Project Engineering reporting to the Director, Fabrication Control.  
  • Marlin Stoltz II has been named DSC Supervisor, Project Engineering reporting to the Director, Fabrication Control.
  • Todd Young has been named Quality Assurance Manager, Project Support reporting the Vice President, Quality Assurance. 


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