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Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation

Through-Air Radar VEGAPULS

  • How It Works
    • A packet of microwave pulses are transmitted by the antenna system
    • This pulse is reflected by the water and received by the same antenna system
    • The running time of the RADAR pulse from emission to reception is proportional to the distance to the water surface.
    • "Distance to water surface“ is translated into the level information.
    • The radar pulse is not reflected (only insignificantly attenuated) by stream or dust particles or by uneven parts of the water surface.
  • Video Demonstrations

    Watch these videos demonstrating the VEGA system's features.

    The first video shows the VEGAPULS 62 Extended Range version.

    The second video shows the many features of VEGA through-air radar, including effective operations despite decreased water levels, boiling water and saturated steam environments, high density smoke, and incidental debris.

    VEGA - Extended Range

    VEGA - Features

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    Proven. Robust. Simple.

    Proven. Robust. Simple.

    Through Air vs. Guided Wave

    Through-Air Radar vs. Guided Wave

    Rugged and Easy to Install

    Rugged and Easy to Install

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SFP Presentation

VEGA-PLISCOM Operating Instructions

VEGA-PLISCOM Operating Instructions

View the comparison table

Technology Comparison Table

Through Air Radar VEGAPULS Brochure

Through Air Radar VEGAPULS Brochure

VEGA Company

VEGA Company brochure

NRC: Compliance with SFP Guidance

NRC: EA-12-051, Reliable Spent Fuel Pool Instrumentation

VEGAPULS 62 Extended Range

 VEGAPULS 62 Extended Range Operating Instructions

VEGAPULS Safety Manual

VEGAPULS Safety Manual

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Radar: Air or Wave?

Customer Selects AREVA Monitoring System

Customer Selects AREVA Monitoring System

Through Air Radar: Ease of Installation and Impact of Debris, Steam, Smoke

Through Air Radar: Ease of Installation and Impact of Debris, Steam, Smoke

VEGA Catalog

Catalog - VEGA Radar Products

Industry Guidance for Compliance with NRC Order EA-12-051, Reliable Spent Fuel Pool Instrumentation

NEI: Compliance with NRC Order EA-12-051, Reliable Spent Fuel Pool Instrumentation

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  • VEGAPULS 62 Extended Range is specifically designed to work well for agitated media under difficult conditions
  • Steam, dust and a moderate amount of foam will not be a concern for the measurement quality
  • Ignores debris with “Follow largest echo” setting. Debris usually causes weak echoes, as demonstrated in front of customers.
  • Condensation on antenna or waveguide pipe wall will be tolerated. Water accumulation can easily be avoided through drainage holes.
  • Very simple mounting due to self-centred flanges and all lightweight components.
  • No parts in the pool. Liner not touched, no in-pool mounting, independent from pool water forces
  • Tested per IEEE344-2004 and IEEE102323
  • IEC 61508 SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level) Design Certification
  • No need for under water work for calibration or cleaning
  • No moving parts, very few parts in total (horn, pipe, electronics), very simple overall
  • No organic parts or electronics in the SFP room (horn and pipe are all stainless steel)
  • Independent from room pressure changes.
  • Bent waveguide tube is smaller than most other connection types (just 1inch outer diameter)
  • Very rugged: explosion proof, all metal housing, waveguide tube can be thick walled for missile protection.
  • Measurement forgives pipe dents.
  • Extremely low power consumption (<0.5W), backup uses AA cells.
  • No calibration needed; very simple if desired (swivel flange to turn horn for calibration)
  • Widely used, mature devices (300.000+ sold worldwide). Easy and long-term qualified service and spare parts availability.
  • Most Reliable, 50+ Year MTBF
  • Self-Diagnosing (Smart Error Messages)
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Quality & Standards

Devices Supplied by AREVA are certified as Augmented Quality Devices, and they fulfill Seismic Cat. 1 requirements.

The devices are Made in the USA per QA Standard ISO 9001, with additional Quality Assurance by AREVA.

VEGAPULS is used in the most demanding environments found in military, industrial (oil and gas, chemi-cal) and nuclear applications.

More than 300,000 VEGAPULS through-air level measurement devices have been sold worldwide.

As a result, VEGAPULS comes with a wide range of certificates for successfully passed tests.

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  • VEGA and AREVA experienced in working in radiation-related environments
  • More than 300,000 VEGAPULS devices have been sold worldwide, making VEGA the level measurement manufacturer with the largest installed base.
  • Nuclear related applications installed in the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant and at the Savanna River Site
  • Around 300 applications at the Hanford Waste treatment plant
  • Around 10,000 Navy shipboard applications
  • More available choices. You will get the right solution for your specific needs.
  • The strongest team. Combined strengths of the nuclear leader and the #1 in level measurement!
    • AREVA has all the needed engineering and the product quality augmentation capabilities under one roof.
    • VEGA provides unparalleled level measurement expertise.
  • Complete solution capability means one-stop-shopping for everything you need.
  • We have proven our willingness and ability to support you before the sale. You can trust in us also being there after it – for quick and efficient plant life support.
  • We Want to Earn Your Business in SFP Level Instrumentation
Sales Contact

AREVA is VEGA’s exclusive channel to the North American Nuclear Power market.

Jesse Geris
Product Development Manager
3315A Old Forest Road PC-66
P.O. Box 10935
Lynchburg, VA 24506-0935
Phone: 434-832-4392
Cell: 434 473-4727