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AREVA Recognizes Constellation Energy Group, Inc. for the Top Industry Practice (TIP) Vendor Award

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May 23, 2012

BETHESDA, Md., May 23, 2012 AREVA recognizes Constellation Energy Group, Inc. (CENG) for the Top Industry Practice (TIP) Vendor Award they received at the 2012 Nuclear Energy Assembly in Charlotte, N.C.

CENG received the AREVA Vendor Award in recognition of implementing an innovative technique pertaining to baffle bolt non-destructive examinations, demonstrating incredible efficiency without losing sight of safety and structural integrity.

“CENG Ginna Nuclear Power plant raised the bar on achieving excellence through innovation at a time when stakes were high,” said Kim Clark, Vice President & Chief Customer Relations and Marketing Officer. “We always aim to meet our customers’ needs with safe, reliable and technologically advanced products and services and the Ginna project confirmed our commitment to the industry. Congratulations to CENG and congratulations to all of the TIP Award winners for their commitment to process improvements for the nuclear industry.”

AREVA’s newly-designed probe technique and real-time statistical analysis for baffle bolts eliminated the need to remove and replace additional bolts, making it feasible to reliably inspect this previously challenging bolt configuration. This innovative solution has helped the utility meet necessary requirements for ten more years of safe plant operation without additional interim inspections which would require defueling the reactor.


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