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U.S. Technical Center

The U.S. Technical Center is a major component of the AREVA Solutions Complex designed to help utility clients and equipment manufacturers meet the ever-increasing requirements for safe nuclear electricity production. The expansion required for the development of the U.S. Technical Center began in mid-February 2012, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony September 2012.

View the photo galleries below for pictures of the facility and pouring the shake table's foundation---a 1.3 million pound concrete reaction mass.

  • Ribbon-cutting
    • Mike Rencheck, AREVA Inc. President and CEO, and Claude Jaouen, AREVA Vice President of Reactors & Services, cut the ceremonial ribbon in front of AREVA customers, marking the official opening of the U.S. Technical Center within the AREVA Solutions Complex.

      AREVA Inc. CEO Mike Rencheck speaks with attendees about the U.S. Technical Center's unique capabilities.

      Maureen Matsen, from the Office of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, was an honored guest and speaker at the event.

      A chamber in the Environmental Testing Laboratory, a key component of the U.S. Technical Center

      Guests are impressed with AREVA’s new 10x10 Seismic Shake Table that can test components up to 10 tons at 7g's.

  • Shake Table Concrete
    • Shake Table

      • Shake table weighs 10,000 lbs (5 tons)
      • Tests up to 7g’s (gravitational force) and 100 Hz (hertz)

      This system is one of the largest of its kind in North America and a key component in addressing industry obsolescence and safety-related procurement issues.

      The shake table foundation vault measures 29 x 29-feet and 12-feet thick.

      Thirty-three truckloads of concrete, the equivalent of pouring foundations for 20 homes at the same time, were delivered in rotation during the 5-hour concrete pour.

      The resulting 1.3 million pound concrete reaction mass, which provides the foundation for the seismic response testing system, is one of the largest of its kind in North America.

      The 5-ton shake table allows AREVA to develop, analyze and validate nuclear plant equipment and its performance under harsh conditions such as earthquakes and high temperatures.

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