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AREVA Led Team Selected by Eddy Lea Energy Alliance LLC to Develop Interim Consolidated Storage Facility

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October 05, 2012

Bethesda, MD, October 5, 2012 – An AREVA-led team of companies is pleased to have been selected by the Eddy Lea Energy Alliance, LLC (ELEA) as their commercial partner to begin developing the concept of a used nuclear fuel (UNF) Consolidated Storage Facility in southeastern New Mexico.

AREVA and ELEA will now negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding to develop the contractual framework for moving forward with the potential development of the site. The AREVA team brings considerable experience in the safe management of used nuclear fuel, as well as nuclear licensing, permitting, design, construction and operations experience in New Mexico.

“AREVA salutes ELEA for offering a potential solution to America’s stalled UNF management program. AREVA supports the implementation of a sustainable and safe used fuel management strategy for the U.S., and we believe that current and future used nuclear fuel inventories require an integrated approach, including centralized interim storage, recycling and ultimate disposal,” stated David Jones, AREVA Executive Vice President for Back End services, “AREVA remains committed to continuing its ongoing engagement with states and communities interested in potentially hosting used fuel management facilities.”

AREVA will also include the expertise of AREVA Federal Services, LLC and Transnuclear Inc. to offer total system solutions for used fuel/radioactive waste management, and comprehensive transportation services for the entire nuclear fuel cycle.


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AREVA in North America (AREVA Inc.) combines U.S. and Canadian leadership to supply high added-value products and services to support the operation of the commercial nuclear fleet. Globally, AREVA is present throughout the entire nuclear cycle, from uranium mining to used fuel recycling, including nuclear reactor primary circuit design and fabrication, and operating fleet engineering and services. AREVA is recognized by utilities around the world for its expertise, its skills in cutting-edge technologies, and its dedication to the highest level of safety. AREVA Inc.’s 4,100 employees are helping build tomorrow’s energy model: supplying ever safer, cleaner and more economical energy to the greatest number of people.