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AREVA Receives McClean Lake Operation License Amendment from CNSC

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January 09, 2013

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, January 9, 2013 – AREVA Resources Canada Inc. has received a license amendment for its McClean Lake operation in northern Saskatchewan from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s (CNSC) allowing for processing of high-grade ore from the Cigar Lake mine, expected to begin operations later this year.

This CNSC decision announced on Dec. 20, allows AREVA to operate the receiving and milling circuits for high-grade ore and increase the annual capacity of the McClean Lake mill to 13 million pounds (5,900 tonnes) of uranium concentrate. It also allows AREVA to receive and process ore from the McArthur River mine should it decide to pursue this contingency.

“With this license, AREVA is another step closer to meeting its objective of re-starting the McClean Lake mill and processing Cigar Lake ore later this year. Through the upgrade and expansion of the McClean Lake mill, AREVA and its partners are investing in Saskatchewan’s economic future,” said Vincent Martin, President and CEO of AREVA Resources Canada Inc.

Construction on the first phase of the McClean Lake expansion to bring annual production capacity to 24 million pounds (10,900 tonnes) of uranium concentrate began last summer; the second phase, which is currently undergoing regulatory approval, is scheduled to begin this summer. The McClean Lake partners include AREVA, Denison Mines Corp., and OURD (Canada) Co. Ltd.


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