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A Clean Energy Park for New Brunswick

Artist Rendering of Clean Energy Park

AREVA, the province of New Brunswick and the utility New Brunswick Power signed a Letter of Intent in July to analyze a Clean Energy Park near the Point Lepreau nuclear station. The site would feature a mid-sized generation III+ nuclear reactor and renewable energy sources all built by AREVA.

Expanding Nuclear Capacity and Building Renewables

In New Brunswick, Canada, the proposed AREVA Clean Energy Park business model would potentially expand an existing nuclear power site with a modern nuclear reactor coupled with one of two options from AREVA’s renewable energy portfolio: a biomass power plant fueled by sustainable forestry operations, or an offshore/nearshore wind park of 5 MW wind turbines. Power from the park could be used domestically in the province and exported to the Canadian Maritime region and to the New England region of the United States.

With either option, the combination of clean energy sources would generate significant economic stimulus during construction and operation phases, and exportable levels of electricity. This cooperation to build clean energy sources will support localized jobs, development of regional infrastructure, and sustainable operations of the facility. These projects will work toward establishing a model for future commercial investment and cooperation with local communities and federal governments to provide clean energy while supporting sustainable economic development.