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AREVA NDT - Aerospace

AREVA Aerospace NDT

CFRP material has proven to be indispensable in the design and manufacturing of modern aircraft. From hand sized parts to entire wing and fuselage sections, many of today’s aircraft are constructed with over 50% CFRP.

Critical CFRP components require 100% NDT analysis to ensure structural integrity.

To keep pace with increasing volumes and the vast range of complexities, sizes and shapes, automated NDT systems must be faster, more versatile and adaptable, while remaining reliable and accurate.

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NDT Systems

Experience, Innovation and a Commitment to Success

AREVA is a large global company with over 30 years of experience and knowledge in many regulated NDT markets including aerospace, composites, high-speed rail and power generation. The strategy of being one of the first to develop and implement advanced UT techniques started within our nuclear inspection services and has been adapted to many other industries.

AREVA did not get its reputation as a “NDT World Leader” by merely reacting to customer requests. AREVA partners with its customers by looking years in the future and developing R&D plans to ensure industry advancements are not stifled or complicated by lagging inspection technology and techniques.

AREVA advanced NDT gantry and robotic systems are in production at many aerospace plants worldwide and have a proven record for quality, reliability and performance.

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UT Robots

AREVA’s single robotic systems are precise, fast, and versatile with the ability to inspect complex geometries in pulse echo mode with either contact or squirter coupling approaches.

Dual Robot Systems incorporating through transmission UT are the most flexible and versatile for the inspection of complex honeycomb structures.

These systems are based on two high precision, high-speed, 6-axis robots. Additional optional gantry axis for either the part or the robots can effectively extend the robot arm’s working envelope.

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UT Techniques

  • Through Transmission (TTU)
  • Pulse Echo Squirter
  • Pulse Echo Contact
  • Skin Inspection
  • Edge Inspection with Water Shear
  • Stringer Inspection
  • Phased Array
  • Specialty Contact Probes
  • Customized Contoured Contact Probes
  • Optional ET
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Gantry Systems

Gantry Systems for Squirter and Contact Technique: One of the most flexible and versatile solutions for the inspection of large composite panels is the X, Y, and Z axis Gantry System.

The modular nature of a Gantry System allows for a wide range of options including: additional angular axes, removable or interchangeable turntables and fixtures, immersion basins, and custom solutions to accommodate various parts and geometries.

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Wing Inspection

Double Tower Wing Cover Inspection System (12 Axes): The Double Tower system was first designed to inspect dual sided CFRP wing covers and stringers. Both sides of the wing’s skin and stringer are inspected simultaneously with two independent manipulators.

Multiple array probes allow perfect adaptation to the geometric changes of the contour and edge differentials, cutouts, etc. The stringer manipulator inspects the stringer web and both radii in a single pass.