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AREVA NDT - Steel Forging

Today’s power generation industry is faced with challenging issues surrounding NDT of forged components including turbine shafts, discs, and rotors. Increasing demand and more stringent materials analysis requirements are moving the industry away from manual NDT applications to more automated processes offering efficiency, quality and dependability. AREVA provides a full range of automated NDT systems to meet today’s requirements and are expandable and adaptable to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

AREVA is a world leader in the energy industry with over 30 years of innovation, development, and commitment to success in advanced NDT solutions. AREVA’s knowledge and experience originated in the nuclear services industry, and for the last 15 years has expanded into other regulated NDT markets including steel forging, high-speed rail, aerospace, composites and power generation.

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NDT Systems

AREVA is a large global company with experience and knowledge that began in the nuclear services industry and has expanded into other regulated NDT markets including steel forging, high-speed rail, aerospace, composites and power generation.

The strategy of being one of the first to implement advanced techniques like ultrasonic phased array started within our nuclear inspection services has been adapted to many non-nuclear industries.

AREVA did not get its “NDT World Leader” status by merely reacting to customer requests. AREVA partners with its customers to look years in the future to develop an R&D plan to innovate and ensure industry advancements are not stifled or complicated by lagging inspection technology and techniques.

Advanced AREVA NDT systems for disc and shaft inspections are in production in various plants in Europe and North America and have a proven record for quality and performance.

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Turbine Disc Inspection System

AREVA offers standard or customized systems designed with multiple precision axes to accommodate various geometries including discs, domes, cavities, bores and shafts oriented in a vertical position. All systems are versatile to use recycled and filtered water or oil.

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Turbine Shaft Inspection System

Horizontal machines are primarily used to inspect longer shafts and can accommodate a variety of sizes. Systems delivered worldwide have been qualified to leading turbine manufacturer’s specifications and industry standards.

All systems can be configured with phased array or conventional UT and are customized to meet inspection requirements.

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UT Customized Probe Configurations

  • Couplant supplied through probe for even distribution
  • Variable water gap adjustment
  • Modular design for quick probe change out
  • Long-life design with wear shoes
  • Optimized probe sensitivity for long sound path
  • Comprehensive calibration documentation with DGS diagrams included
  • Customized radius transducers and shoes for edges, chamfers, and small radii surfaces
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UT Data Acquisition & Controls


  • Versatile UT system for phased array, single and parallel multi channel conventional UT
  • 32 to 256 High resolution independently configurable channels
  • Each channel is designed for configuration flexibility to serve as pulse echo, transmitreceive, SAFT, paint-brush arrays, and other advanced acquisition modes
  • Package options include 19-inch rack modules, or small modular boxes that can be located remotely and stacked in 32-channel increments
  • Interfaces with CNC machine controls
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