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Transnuclear Inc. Wins Contract for Safe Material Storage

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February 15, 2013

COLUMBIA, Md., Feb. 15, 2013 – Transnuclear, Inc., an AREVA company, has been selected by CENG LLC to handle irradiated hardware storage needs at the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Plant using its NUclear HOrizontal Waste Storage (NUHOWS) system.

The NUHOWS large dry storage system is a sister to Transnuclear’s NUHOMS® system for safe used fuel dry storage, and was proactively developed to address radioactive material storage concerns for clients.

At the Nine Mile Point site, materials including flattened control rod blades, jet pumps and low-power range monitors will be stored in the Transnuclear RadWaste Storage Containers (RWCs), providing a safe storage solution for a range of the station’s non-fuel components. Using these Transnuclear containers requires minimal processing of the material, thus lowering CENG’s project cost, risk and dose.

“We are very pleased that our NUHOWS technology was selected,” said Michael McMahon, President and CEO of Transnuclear, Inc. “It is our priority to provide safe and effective solutions for our customers for the storage of used fuel and irradiated materials. Our global expertise and innovative NUHOWS RadWaste system will ensure that our utility customers can address their storage needs safely and cost-effectively.”

The NUHOWS system features minimized in-pool processing of hardware and contamination-free storage, making the transfer of materials from wet to dry storage both safe and efficient. These cost-effective systems can be safely stored on-site for the life of the plant and beyond.

While on-site, the NUHOWS RWCs can be stored in Transnuclear’s NUHOMS® Horizontal Storage Modules, the same modules used to safely store used fuel. The RWCs can also be transferred using equipment that is already compatible with the utility’s used fuel storage system, representing a cost savings for the customer.

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