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AREVA Offsets Emissions for Nuclear Clean Air Energy IndyCar

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March 28, 2013

• Reducing environmental impact of racing supports commitment to protecting the environment

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 28, 2013 – IndyCar racing just got a little cleaner. AREVA Inc., a clean air energy company, is helping to make the Nuclear Clean Air Energy car more environmentally friendly by offsetting emissions for the 2013 IZOD IndyCar Series season. Simona De Silvestro drives the No. 78 Nuclear Clean Air Energy – KV Racing Technology Chevrolet entry.

The carbon credits, purchased through Entergy’s “Make an Impact” program, will neutralize or offset the environmental impact of the emissions related to the Indy car’s 16 races this season, plus practice and time trials – a total of 9,500 miles. The credits will also offset the travel involved in transporting the team, vehicle and equipment throughout the 2013 season – an additional 38,700 miles. The estimated emissions of some 213,751 pounds of CO2 will be offset by the carbon credits provided by AREVA. The carbon credits were created by capturing methane that would otherwise be released to the atmosphere from livestock manure and instead using it as a fuel to generate electricity. The credits will be permanently retired from Entergy's Climate Action Reserve Registry account.

“The Nuclear Clean Air Energy Car is a great vehicle for raising awareness of clean energy and environmental responsibility, and we are proud to support a clean air, carbon-free racing season,” said Kim Clark, Chief Marketing and Customer Relations Officer, AREVA Inc. “At AREVA we are committed to providing forward-looking clean energy solutions, while being socially responsible and respecting the environment. Offsetting the Nuclear Clean Air Energy Car emissions is just one small way we can help make this year’s IndyCar racing season a little cleaner.”


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