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AREVA and PEICO Complete Contract to Provide Emergency Regional Response Centers for the U.S. Nuclear Industry

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April 11, 2013

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 11, 2013 – The Strategic Alliance for FLEX Emergency Response (SAFER) team comprised of AREVA and the Pooled Equipment Inventory Company (PEICo) have completed the contract to operate regional response centers that will manage backup equipment and provide implementation services that fulfill FLEX Phase 3 Regional Response requirements described in the Nuclear Energy Institute’s NEI 12-06.  

This fleet-wide safety program supports the nuclear industry’s response to the events that occurred at Fukushima, which includes the development of regional response centers.  

“AREVA understands the importance of being prepared to respond to even the most unlikely situations,” said Tom Franch, Senior Vice President of AREVA Reactors and Services. “We are strong proponents of the industry’s FLEX strategy and stand ready to provide yet another layer of safety for nuclear power plant operations after a ‘beyond design basis’ event.”

“SAFER brings two industry leaders together to provide a defense-in-depth solution to address concerns about the reliability and accessibility of off-site, backup equipment,” said Mark Olson, President of PEICo. “The industry and the public can be confident that backup emergency assets will be protected and available for deployment even for the most unlikely events.”

SAFER was selected by the Nuclear Strategic Issue Advisory Committee (NSIAC) in October 2012 to leverage PEICo’s existing, off-site PIM support center, which provides for the rapid delivery of required equipment, and AREVA’s own “Safety Alliance” catalog of industry-leading services, such as emergency response planning and mobilization, project management, procurement and outage team expertise.


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