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Fuel Field Services Expanded at Areva Solutions Complex

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May 01, 2013

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 1, 2013 – AREVA is poised for growth and increased technology development at the AREVA Solutions Complex in Lynchburg, Va., with the dedication of its new Fuel Field Services (FFS) support center in the main building of the complex.

This newly developed service and technology area will be known as the Fuel Field Services Outage Equipment and Support Center and will be used for design, fabrication, refurbishment and testing of the equipment used to provide at-reactor measurement, inspection, repair, and testing of fuel assemblies. Facility capabilities include a mechanical workshop, electrical workshop, warehouse equipment storage, control rooms and a contamination zone for refurbishment and testing of equipment.

The expansion project was completed in eight months while the actual launch of operations was completed in three-and-a-half weeks with zero injuries and no impact to customer services. Around $1M in capital was spent to transition and develop the new facility in Campbell County.

“AREVA has been a part of the nuclear industry working to provide safer technologies and services for a long time and as members of the Lynchburg community, we’re continuing to invest in the facilities and our people in Central Virginia,” said Paul Myers, Senior Vice President, Front End, AREVA Inc. “Our commitment is to support our electric utility customers in their efforts to continue supplying safe, reliable and affordable nuclear energy and we will continue to do so with the expansion of the Fuel Field Services group at the AREVA Solutions Complex.”

The Fuel Field Services group provides inspection, reconstitution and repair of fuel assemblies and core components at reactor sites. In addition, the group runs research and development programs and gathers feedback on product performance and warranty service. The group also provides products and services to customers as part of joint industry development programs.

This is the second innovation launched at the AREVA Solutions Complex within the past 12 months. These expansions have been made possible by moving fuel manufacturing activities to Richland, WA and optimizing our growth plans. The earlier addition of the U.S. Technical Center in September 2012 and now the Fuel Field Services Center represent AREVA’s commitment and further investment in our facilities and the U.S. nuclear industry.

About the AREVA Solutions Complex
The AREVA Solutions Complex is a full-service campus of eight facilities that help customers and equipment manufacturers meet ever-increasing safety requirements for nuclear electricity production, with the unique ability to package engineering and services to extend plant life and improve plant operations.


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