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AREVA Signs Contract for Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation Upgrade

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April 23, 2013

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 23, 2013 – AREVA is pleased to announce it has received a contract award to provide Duke Energy 20 VEGA Through-Air Radar Spent Fuel Pool Level Instrumentation (SFPLI) systems for the company’s nuclear energy plants, as well as a system specifically for training.

AREVA and VEGA Americas, Inc. provide safe, reliable and economical SFPLI solutions to North America’s nuclear utilities by combining comprehensive engineering services and quality-augmented equipment.

“Safety is always our top priority, for both our own company and our customers,” said Tom Franch, Sr. Vice President for Reactors and Services, AREVA Inc. “We are continually working with customers to understand their needs and identify cost-effective solutions to improve safety and reliability for nuclear plant operations. AREVA’s base of SFPLI customers continues to grow as our customers recognize the benefits of the robust design, thorough testing, and field-proven performance.”

In direct response to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Near-Term Task Force recommendations on post-Fukushima safety upgrades at U.S. nuclear energy plants, AREVA’s Through-Air Radar solution meets new requirements for spent fuel pool monitoring. The system features two redundant, independent channels and an independent power supply. This solution is reliable and rugged in adverse conditions, and has been proven in more than 300,000 applications including nuclear, military and industrial installations. 


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