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AREVA Submits Technical Comment Responses for Kiggavik Project

Press Release

May 09, 2013

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, May 9, 2013 — AREVA Resources Canada Inc. submitted responses to technical comments to the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) on May 8 in support of its Kiggavik Project’s draft environmental impact statement. The Kiggavik Project is a proposed uranium mining and milling operation that would be located about 80 kilometers west of Baker Lake, Nunavut that would employ 400-600 employees during operation and up to 750 people during construction.

The submission of AREVA’s responses to over 400 technical comments from various organizations represents the next step in the environmental review of the Kiggavik Project. The approaches outlined in the responses, which are addressed by topical group, will inform AREVA’s approach to the completion of the Kiggavik Project’s final environmental impact statement.

"With our responses to technical comments, AREVA’s Kiggavik Project has taken another important step forward in its environmental review. The responses submitted today outline the careful planning and rigorous analysis that AREVA will employ as it completes the Kiggavik Project environmental impact statement. We appreciate the constructive feedback and consultation from Nunavummiut, regulators, governments, organizations and others as we work to develop a sustainable, well-run project with minimal impact on the environment," said Barry McCallum, Manager of Nunavut Affairs at AREVA.

AREVA has been active in Canada for nearly 50 years and during this time has gained significant, relevant experience in the development and operation of successful mining operations while maintaining high standards for health, safety and environmental protection.

The responses to technical comments are available here on the new and improved Kiggavik Project blog, launched earlier this week.


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