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AREVA Technology Recognized at NEI’s Top Industry Practice Awards as “Best of the Best”

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May 15, 2013

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 15, 2013 – For the fourth consecutive year, AREVA technology has received the B. Ralph Sylvia “Best of the Best” Award at the annual Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Nuclear Energy Assembly Top Industry Practice (TIP) awards. AREVA’s utility customer, Constellation Energy Nuclear Group, received the award for its use of AREVA’s newly designed Mini-ID Temper Bead (IDTB) Welding technology at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. Constellation’s innovative application of AREVA’s technology helped the plant meet necessary requirements for years of safe plant operation, resulting in an overall reduced project risk.

“We are honored to receive the award from NEI and enjoy the working relationship we have with AREVA,” said Maria Korsnick, Chief Nuclear Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Constellation Energy Nuclear Group. “I am proud of our Calvert Team and the work they’ve put into running their plant safely and efficiently.”

“AREVA is proud to play an ongoing role in the daily nuclear energy renewal through our commitment to operational excellence, and with the most innovative and reliable technology in the industry,” said Mike Rencheck, CEO of AREVA Inc. “At AREVA, we strive to provide our utility customers with project management expertise, technology innovations and a highly skilled workforce. We congratulate all of NEI’s TIP Award winners for their commitment to driving the daily renewal of the nuclear industry. We also want to thank our AREVA employees who helped develop, install and maintain these award-winning technologies.”

Through its utility customer, AREVA technology was recognized for two additional TIP Awards. Constellation Energy Nuclear Group was awarded the Vision and Leadership Award, as well as the Maintenance Process Award, for different applications of AREVA technology.

The Vision and Leadership Award honored Constellation’s first-of-a-kind horizontal dry storage module internal inspection and dry shielded canister surface sampling at Calvert Cliffs. To evaluate stress corrosion cracking of stainless steel canisters used for dry storage, Constellation’s team developed the tools and process to assist with the implementation of a low-cost inspection program to confirm canister integrity in and beyond the license renewal period.
The Maintenance Process Award honored Constellation’s use of AREVA’s newly designed Mini-ID Temper Bead (IDTB) Welding during a pressurizer heater and instrument nozzle replacement at Calvert Cliffs. This innovative solution contributed to an overall reduced project risk, significant time savings for nozzle replacements, and no OSHA-recordable safety incidents.

The AREVA Vendor Award was presented to a utility customer for the implementation of first-of-a-kind Reactor Vessel Internals inspection. Together, this utility and AREVA overcame a significant technology and NDE challenge, successfully completing the inspection in one outage, below the estimated dose, and with zero safety issues or events. This was accomplished while simultaneously performing two other major reactor vessel in-service inspections.

The TIP Awards, presented by the NEI, are celebrating their 20th anniversary of recognizing excellence in the commercial nuclear power industry. For more information, visit http://www.nei.org/.


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