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Nuclear transport

The TN-LC package is an NRC-licensed package which offers a specific and customized solution for research reactor and laboratory shipments in the U.S. and internationally.

The TN-LC (“Long Cask”) is a new type B(U)F package that features varying and versatile basket designs that can fit into the TN-LC cavity, thus it can accommodate used fuel from research reactors, full-length commercial irradiated fuel assemblies, and irradiated pins to support Post Irradiation Examinations or other irradiated contents.

This NRC-licensed package can be used for domestic U.S. shipments, adaptable to different contents, and complies with the necessary length and weight restrictions.

  • Designed to safely handle domestic U.S. and international shipments
  • Commercial and Research Reactors fuel shipments
  • Complies with length and weight restrictions
  • Versatile capacity: BWR/PWR, pins, MTR, TRIGA, NRU, NRX, MOX
  • NRC-licensed package (CoC 9358) under review by foreign authorities
  • Cost-effective: competitive lease price and higher transport capacity per shipment
  • Adaptable: different loading and unloading configurations
  • Can be used in dry or wet conditions


  • 1 BWR/ PWR assembly
  • 25 BWR/ PWR/EPR/ MOX pins
  • 26 NRU/NRX assemblies
  • 54 MTR assemblies
  • 180 TRIGA elements


  • Outer: 197.5 inches long with a 44.5 inches diameter
  • Inner: 182.5 inches long with a 18 inches diameter


  • 25 Metric Tons
48Y nuclear transport cask
  • Contents: Natural Uranium Hexafluoride UF6
  • Weight: 15,450kg loaded and 2,566 kg empty
30B nuclear transport cask
  • Contents: Residual uranium hexafluoride and enriched hexafluoride with over packs (UX 30)
  • Weight: 2,912 kg loaded and 635 kg empty
UX 30 nuclear transport cask
  • Contents: Enriched Uranium Hexafluoride UF6 with 30B cylinders
  • Weight: 3,750 kg loaded and 850 kg empty
  • Manufactured on demand
  • A maximum of 6 can be transported on a trailer (4 on a Flat Rack)
ANF 250 nuclear transport cask
  • Contents: UO2 powder, pellets, and pellet scrap
  • Weight: 279 kg loaded and 139 kg empty
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OPTU US NRC CoC 9288 Type B(U)F

OP TU nuclear transport
  • Contents
    • Irradiated uranium oxide powder and pellets
    • Reprocessed uranium oxide powder and pellets
    • Uranium compounds (oxides, carbides, silicates, etc.) powder and pellets
  • Weight: 1,168 kg loaded and 1,704 kg empty
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MAP 12 - US NRC CoC 9319 Type B(U)F

MAP 12 nuclear transport cask
  • Contents: Fresh PWR Fuel Assemblies
  • Weight: 3,923 kg loaded and 1,545 kg empty
  • US NRC CoC 9319
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RAJ II - US NRC CoC 9309 Type B F Package

RAJ II nuclear transport cask
  • Contents: Fresh BWR Fuel Assemblies and Fuel Rods
  • Weight: 1,614 kg loaded and 930 kg empty
  • A maximum of 14 can be transported on a trailer
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SP-1, SP-2, SP-3 - US NRC CoC 9248 Type A F

RAJ II transport cask
  • Contents: Fresh BWR Fuel Assemblies and Fuel Rods
  • A maximum of 17 can be transported on a trailer
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