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TN NOVA high-impact test

Watch the TN NOVA high-impact test

AREVA TN provides superior quality dry shielded canisters that are built either at our American fabricator, Columbiana Hi Tech, or at one of our highly-rated and QA-qualified fabricators around the world.

Most important, AREVA TN ensures that the specifications and the quality control meet our stringent standards, and that the final delivery of your equipment is managed professionally from start to finish.

Offering the highest shielding, transparent pricing and low lifecycle costs … NUHOMS® is the dry storage solution of choice of more than 50% of U.S. nuclear facilities.

  • NUHOMS® Dry Cask Storage

    Our horizontal NUHOMS® used fuel storage system has the best demonstrated shielding in the industry. The NUHOMS® system offers significant life cycle cost savings in plant integration, low risk in the pool transfer process and infrastructure savings when compared to other available systems.

    AREVA TN dry shielded canisters offer high capacity, high burn-up, and high-heat loaded systems. Our corrosion resistant transfer casks are compatible with PWR and BWR used fuel pools. See the individual product sheets in the right column.

    NUHOMS® utilizes versatile and safe transfer trailers and lifting yokes. Plant risk is minimized as the loading and transfer process is performed horizontally. The NUHOMS® vacuum drying system is easy to use, and requires less capital investment from the plant. Plus our versatile, reliable and automated welding system minimizes field fit-up.

    The many advantages of the horizontal NUHOMS® used fuel storage system include:

    • Industry-demonstrated high shielding properties
    • Ease of loading and unloading
    • No need to perform a “tip over’ analysis
    • No need for plant alterations to deal with interference issues
    • No risky “stacking” during pool to canister operation
    • No need for haul path reinforcement
    • Concrete pad less costly as it does not have to be as reinforced
    • Seismic and tornado “bullet” tested
  • NUHOMS® Extended Optimized Storage (EOS)


    The next generation of our proven, high-performance dry shielded canister will offer:

    • Higher capacity
    • Higher heat load
    • Superior shielding
    • Low plant risk
    • Low life cycle costs
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