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AREVA Leads the Way in Driving STEM Education in Charlotte

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July 30, 2013

IndyCar driver Simona De Silvestro speaks to STEM teachers during STEMersion.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 30, 2013 – Charlotte revved up its science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education engine yesterday with a celebration of AREVA’s partnership with the STEMersion program and a visit from all-star Nuclear Clean Air Energy IndyCar driver Simona De Silvestro.

STEMersion, a two-week professional development experience for teachers that includes immersion at top STEM businesses in the Charlotte area, celebrated its second year with a reception at the Motorsports Engineering Lab at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Charlotte. The STEMersion program recognizes the importance of supporting teachers’ understanding of how STEM competencies translate into real-world applications at companies like AREVA, Charlotte’s largest employer of engineers. In 2012, STEMersion’s inaugural year, 23 teachers and eight STEM-related companies participated in the program. This year, the numbers of participating teachers and companies grew to 44 and 18, respectively.

“Linking STEM education to the technology behind racing and clean energy is an important part of the Nuclear Clean Air Energy campaign,” said De Silvestro. “It’s important that we support teachers in getting across the message to their students that science, technology, engineering and math are cool, and that there are great job opportunities in the nuclear energy industry.”

Participants in yesterday’s event were able to chat with De Silvestro and AREVA employees, and take a close look at the No. 78 IZOD Nuclear Clean Air Energy race car.

“AREVA is building the workforce vital to tomorrow’s clean energy economy, and teachers play a vital role in educating and encouraging the next generation of engineers and technicians,” said Kim Clark, vice president of customer relations at AREVA Inc. “AREVA has a long history in the Charlotte community and, with our recent headquarters expansion in Charlotte, we are excited to share our forward-looking energy and sponsorship of the Nuclear Clean Air Energy racing team to raise awareness of the importance of clean energy technologies and STEM education.”

STEMersion is one of many programs through which AREVA supports STEM education. Other programs include AREVA’s ongoing collaboration with UNC Charlotte, Moorehead STEM Academy and the Society for Women Engineers.


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