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AREVA to Offer Non-destructive Examination to U.S. Aerospace, Steel Forging and Railway Industries

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February 27, 2014

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., February 27, 2014 – AREVA Inc. is extending its activities into the U.S. aerospace, steel forging and railway industries to supply its automated non-destructive examination (NDE) systems. These systems were originally developed in the nuclear energy industry to ensure structural integrity of plant components. AREVA has adapted NDE technology to be used in other safety-critical industries, using robotics to inspect steel and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic components.

“AREVA has established a dedicated organization in the United States, NDE Solutions, to work with the group’s global experts in order to fully support the growth of this product line in North America,” said Rob Smith, vice president, NDE Solutions, AREVA Inc. “AREVA is ready to provide our expertise in NDE and our commitment to operational excellence to other highly regulated industries.”

This new offering in the United States uses existing NDE technology and systems from AREVA’s global portfolio, which have already been proven in European high-speed rail, steel and aerospace applications. AREVA’s technologies and equipment offer efficiency, quality and flexibility to align with evolving customer needs and requirements.

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