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AREVA Celebrates 50 Years of Operations in Canada

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February 27, 2014

Learn more about AREVA Canada and its operations

OTTAWA, Ontario, February 27, 2014 – AREVA is pleased to celebrate this year the 50th anniversary of its operations in Canada. AREVA employs more than 500 people located throughout several Canadian provinces and Nunavut that are engaged in developing a range of solutions for low-carbon power generation. In addition to being one of Canada’s leading uranium producers, AREVA provides services and engineering for Canadian nuclear reactors and manufactures radiation detection equipment.

Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, AREVA Resources Canada is a major contributor to Saskatchewan’s economy through mining, exploration and production of uranium. AREVA is investing in the major expansion of its McClean Lake operation in northern Saskatchewan to process ore from the Cigar Lake mine.

With offices in Pickering and Kincardine, Ontario, AREVA has furnished a range of equipment and services to Canada’s 18 operating reactors and is qualified to work on CANDU-type reactors around the world. The ATMEA1™ reactor, developed jointly by AREVA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, is undergoing pre-project design review by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

Canberra, an AREVA subsidiary, is a leading producer of radiation detection equipment and is located in Concord, Ontario.

“Our success is the product of the hard work and dedication over the years of our many employees and the support of their families and our host communities throughout Canada. AREVA is today making major investments in our operations in Canada to position ourselves for the next 50 years,” said Vincent Martin, president and CEO of AREVA Resources Canada.

“Over the past half century, AREVA has grown deep roots in the Canadian nuclear industry. We are grateful to have the confidence of our customers and to provide them with a full range of nuclear products and services, both in Canada and worldwide,” said Jean-Francois Beland, executive vice president of AREVA Canada.


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