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AREVA Inc. Expands Options for Used Nuclear Fuel Storage in the United States

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August 11, 2014

CHARLOTTE, N.C., August 11, 2014 – AREVA TN has received approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to offer more versatile used nuclear fuel storage options to U.S. utilities.

“At AREVA TN, we invest in research and analysis to continually improve and to expand our products and services for utilities,” said Mike McMahon, senior vice president, AREVA TN Americas. “As a leader in used fuel management solutions, AREVA TN provides safe, versatile and innovative storage solutions to meet our customers’ current needs and anticipate their future challenges.”

The expanded AREVA TN portfolio includes dry shielded canisters that can withstand high heat loads and have larger storage capacity. Several canisters are now certified to store control components, blended low-enriched uranium fuel assemblies, assemblies with high burnup fuel or damaged assemblies. In addition, AREVA TN now offers a specialized horizontal storage module that is designed for sites with specific seismic requirements.

AREVA TN has more than 50 years of experience supplying the nuclear industry with state-of-the-art fuel transportation and used fuel storage solutions. Nearly 900 AREVA TN storage casks are loaded in the United States, more than any other supplier.

VIDEO: Watch how used nuclear fuel is safely removed from a nuclear reactor and securely tranferred and stored in an advanced above-ground storage system called NUHOMS (Nuclear Horizontal Modular Storage), made by AREVA TN.

More About AREVA TN

AREVA TN, a division of AREVA, is the market leader for used fuel storage and fuel transportation in the American nuclear industry. We offer innovative total systems solutions for the safe storage of used fuel, industry best pool-to-pad services, and nuclear fuel and waste logistics. Our success is based on our reputation for unparalleled human performance initiatives, a dedication to safety first, transparent pricing and business integrity that combine to ensure our customers get “as promised” cost savings and superior results. http://us.areva.com/arevatn


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