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AREVA Expands Technical Training Offer in the United States

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January 14, 2015

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., January 14, 2015 – AREVA Inc. has expanded its offer of innovative training services for nuclear reactor maintenance activities at the company’s Technical Training Center in Lynchburg, Va. The facility now features additional mock-ups of large reactor components to train nuclear operations and maintenance personnel in realistic nuclear plant environments.

This investment expands the range of hands-on training options already available, including full-size mock-ups of steam generators, reactor vessels and a reactor fuel pool. Previously, training on these highly specialized components was difficult to complete in advance of deployments. By offering this training in a simulated and controlled setting, craft workers, technicians, and engineers are able to improve worker safety and reduce operating cost, particularly during outages.

“Training with these state-of-the-art mock-ups, which can be adapted to replicate various reactor types, provides our customers and their employees with more advanced skills and techniques,” said Craig Ranson, chief operating officer of AREVA Inc. “AREVA’s Technical Training Center offers our customers a safe environment that is more conducive to learning and sharing information.”

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