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Today’s utilities want maximum return for their investment. The stringent demands of a rapidly shifting market are changing the conversation for licensing and regulatory demands. Words matter. Commitment to your goals matters. Some plants are focused on innovative ways to store power for the future. Others are moving toward safe, long-term operation to 80 years and beyond. But all are looking for eff ective methodologies to navigate and secure the future. One magic potion does not hold the answer for everyone. And that’s where AREVA enters the roadmap. Through myriad routes to success, AREVA’s Regulatory Aff airs group takes a Total Reach™ approach, thoroughly analyzing every potential variable to discover the most direct path to prosperity and long-term operational excellence for each plant.

Safety, quality, delivery and performance are paramount. The tireless eff orts of seasoned experts are essential to research, develop and implement solutions you can count on. First-of-a-kind (FOAK) activities? Check. Licensing amendments or asset design changes? Check. Applying AREVA’s extensive global track record of client success to your project? Absolutely. In this demanding environment, precision is not an option. That’s why some vendors consider today’s regulatory and licensing hurdles overwhelming. But AREVA teams have proven again and again they can deploy qualities that eclipse the expectations of just being a vendor. With the exacting skill and insight of an accomplished surgeon, each AREVA Trusted Adviser ensures that every step follows a carefully evaluated process to solve and accomplish your objectives. While vendors may retreat when faced with arduous tasks, AREVA welcomes the opportunity to build transparent relationships with you that achieve the results you expect.

Structured Planning Transforms Potential Chaos Into Opportunity

Case Study: Addressing Fukushima Orders Prevents Project Failure

• Eight months after Fukushima Order EA-12-049 on Extended Loss of AC Power (ELAP), a plant developed numerous mitigation strategies, but an overall plan did not exist.

• Conflict among the strategies threatened the ability to meet the regulator deadline.

• Enter AREVA’s integrated licensing team led by David White. They developed the overall mitigating strategy plan for ELAP in time for the regulatory deadline. Without their expert intervention, the project could have been jeopardized.

Action Plans That Close Gaps in Performance

Case Study: Improving INPO Ratings

• An AREVA Trusted Adviser, Phil Opsal, observed and quantified major deficiencies while serving as the Director of oversight at a U.S. Nuclear Utility.

• The team heled assisted executives in developing action plans to close performance gaps. The mission? Bridge these gaps and achieve full compliance with INPO standards of excellence.

• All three nuclear power stations received an INPO 1 rating.

Innovative Thought Leaders That Navigate Rolling Seas Of Change

Case Study: Expertise in Leading Licensing Efforts for Major Component Replacement

• The AREVA team led both the federal and state regulatory process for SGR and initial ISFSI installation at a Part 50 commercial plant.

• They also devised and led all filings for PSC applications, and managed those filings and strategies in a highly contentious environment.

• Ever need outside counsel? This same team directed the outside counsel strategy, which included volumes of direct rebuttal and sur-rebuttal testimony.

• Through administrative hearings and court proceedings, up to and including the state supreme court, these trusted advisers never wavered.

• The result? Approval and installation of two major SGR projects, which ultimately supported the ongoing economic life of their reactors.

Aligning Values To Commit To Your Immediate Priorities

Case Study: Proactively Mitigating Emergent Issues to Streamline Key Actions

• A nuclear plant had to shut down due to configuration control loss.

• AREVA’s Trusted Advisers met with the regulatory agency staff to explain the situation and suggest mitigation measures.

• The plant subsequently addressed the relevant issues and restarted — without the intervention of the regulatory agency.

We manage regulatory risk. We foresee the magnitude of potential regulatory risk consequences.

Applying The Right Knowledge To Avoid Costly Plant Shutdowns

Case Study: Obtaining License Amendments Enables Continued Operation

• The Trusted Advisers team has encountered several challenges when nuclear plants could not meet their technical specification requirements.

• Taking prompt action for each unique case, the team prepared emergency tech spec changes, license amendment requests, and if necessary, obtained enforcement discretion from the regulatory agency.

• The plants were allowed to continue operation and avoid costly shutdowns.

Enabling Progress Without the Hassle of Delays

Case Study: Applications for NRC License Change Avoid Potential Delays

• A nuclear plant needed to implement an FOAK design repair during a refueling outage.

• The challenge? The AREVA team observed that an important safety question had not been reviewed.

• To preclude unexpected delays, the team suggested that the regulatory agency should be contacted for agreement on how to resolve the safety question.

• Working together, the client and AREVA applied for a license change that included a new design.

• The result? The regulatory agency responded positively, accepting the new design, granting the license, and allowing the plant to restart. The plant was able to move forward with confi dence for the future.

Integrating the Right Methodology, Processes and Technology For Your Control

Case Study: Performing Regulatory Assessments to Prevent Untimely Intervention

• To prevent unnecessary, time-consuming intervention from the regulatory agency, a nuclear site owner-operator wanted an independent third party integrated safety assessment of its plant.

• AREVA’s Trusted Advisers participated in a comprehensive review of the plant’s entire operation.

• Strengths and weaknesses discovered were presented to the utility.

• The insights provided averted an assessment by the regulatory agency.

Transcending The Relationship Barrier To Become Your Partner

Case Study: Extending Long-Term Plant Operation

• AREVA’s Don Shaw was formerly the Licensing Lead for a major utility’s initial regulatory licensing submittal, review process and approval.

• He immediately went to work to build transparent relationships with all of the key players — partnering with them for what would become a paradigm for success.

• Two of their plants were the first units in the United States to have their operating licenses renewed for 40 years.

• Mr. Shaw’s team received an award from the Edison Electric Institute for this achievement.

Creating Tangible Value

Case Study: Obtaining ACRS Reviews for Extended Power Uprates

• Nuclear plant licensees need an ACRS review for extended power uprate applications.

• Trusted Advisers have prepared several utilities for presentations to the ACRS.

• The result? The team obtained ACRS and regulatory agency approval for four separate extended power uprates.

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