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AREVA Inc. Congratulates Dominion’s Millstone Power Station on Vendor Top Industry Practice Award

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May 14, 2015

Image: Dominion Generation

CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 14, 2015 – At this week’s Nuclear Energy Institute’s Nuclear Energy Assembly in Washington, D.C., AREVA Inc. presented the AREVA Vendor Award to Dominion Generation’s Millstone Power Station. The award recognizes the utility’s innovative approach to a common steam generator challenge.

Working with AREVA, Millstone’s engineering and chemistry personnel developed and executed a plan to significantly reduce deposits on the secondary side of the steam generators at the Millstone 3 unit. These deposits – comprised of magnetite, an iron oxide – accumulate over time as part of normal plant operations. To ensure continued safe and effective plant operations, the deposits are required to be removed on a regular basis.

“The innovative thinking of the team at the Millstone Power Station is a prime example of the work going on at plants every day across the country to deliver safe, reliable nuclear energy in a cost-effective way,” said Gary Mignogna, president and CEO of AREVA Inc. “We are honored to present the team with this award.”

A key component of the solution involved applying AREVA’s soft chemical cleaning process, called Deposit Minimization Treatment (DMT). By implementing the DMT process during a normally scheduled refueling outage, the team maximized deposit removal with no effect on the schedule. At the same time, they were able to reduce the complexity and cost of the cleaning process.

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